Top 5 Shurima Cards in Legends of Runeterra

Top 5 Shurima Cards in Legends of Runeterra

Top 5 Cards from Shurima

Hey guys, NicMakesPlays here. I’ll be going over my list for the 5 best cards of Shurima the new region.

We’ll be focused on the non-champion cards, so Azir, Renekton, Taliyah, and Nasus will not be included.

At the end of the list, we’ll provide meta deck recommendations that feature these cards.

If there are any other cards you feel deserve to be in the top 5, let us know in the comments below!

1. Dunekeeper

Dunekeeper (LoR Card)

  • Dunekeeper
    • 1 mana 2|1 follower
    • Text: When I’m summoned, summon a Sand Soldier

Dunekeeper is the best follower to come out of Shurima.

It’s is a 2|1 that summons a 1|1 Sand Soldier that has Nexus Strike: Deal 1 to the enemy nexus.

Overall, it’s absolutely phenomenal defensively and offensively for 1 mana.

Offensively, you can push for 4 damage with one card. On offense Dunekeeper also allows you to go wide by summoning a Sand Soldier so you can have more attackers than your opponent has blockers.

On defense, you can use one action and one mana to summon two blockers, which is extremely powerful and can punish development by your opponent.

2. Rite of Negation

Rite of Negation (LoR Card)

  • Rite of Negation
    • 4 mana Fast spell
    • Text: Kill an ally or destroy one of your mana gems to stop all enemy Fast spells, Slow spells, and Skills

Rite of Negation is one of the strongest cards of Shurima because it gives them access to spell and skill negation.

As we know, Deny is in 90% of Ionia decks making it the most inclusive card in all of Runeterra.

Rite of Negation is similar to Deny but negates all enemy spells and skill on the stack for the trade-off of having to destroy an ally or destroy a mana gem.

Shurima having access to a card this powerful allows them to keep up the pressure and go for game with things like Renekton or Nasus.

3. Exhaust
Exhaust (LoR Card)

  • Exhaust
    • 1 mana Focus spell
    • Text: Give an enemy -2|-0 and Vulnerable this round

Exhaust is one of the best ways for Shurima to remove units.

This is a cheap focus speed card that allows you to grant an enemy unit so you can remove it through combat.

Exhaust also buffs Renekton as well as working well with Sivir’s Quick Attack for a free kill.

It allows for cheap removal which is just what Shurima needs to deal with threats such as Twisted Fate and Aphelios.

4. Shaped Stone

Shaped Stone (LoR Card)

  • Shaped Stone
    • 1 mana Burst spell
    • Give an ally +1|+1 this round. If you’ve summoned a landmark this game, give it +3|+1 instead

Shaped Stone is extremely mana efficient for the buffs it gives.

Shaped Stone gives +1|+1 to an ally for a round, but if you’ve played a landmark this game it gives +3|+1.

Is it easy to play a landmark in all Shurima decks since Mono Shurima has the Sun Disc, Taliyah has Preservarium and Renekton/Sivir Leblanc have Rock Hopper, and Azir has Emperor’s Dias.

Giving a unit +3|1 can push for huge damage, help level Sivir and Renekton as well as allow Sand Soldiers to get good trades in combat.

Giving +3|+1 can also help give the extra health to live through Mystic Shot to protect units as well as go for game.

5. Ruin Runner

Ruin Runner (LoR reveal)

  • Ruin Runner
    • 5 mana 6|4 follower, Overwhelm, Spellshield

Ruin Runner is one of the strongest followers in Shurima due to its high stats and keywords Overwhelm and Spellshield.

Its Overwhelm is amazing in Renekton Sejuani decks since they needed a 5 cost unit that could push huge damage with Overwhelm.

This card is also good in Sivir Leblanc since it helps enable Reputation and the Spellshield can protect it while you go for Bloody Business and Whirling Death.

Spellshield goes without saying is one of the strongest keywords in all of Runeterra.

In unison with Overwhelm, Spellshield allows you to push for huge damage that your opponent’s spells can’t deal with.

Decklists that the Top 5 are included in

As we mentioned earlier, here are two decklists that the Top 5 Shurima cards are included in!

Lucian Azir

NicMakesPlays Azir Lucian (LoR Deck)


[See NicMakesPlays Azir Lucian deck details]

Nasus Kindred

NicMakesPlays Kindred Nasus (LoR Deck)


[See NicMakesPlays Kindred Nasus deck details]

Renekton Sejuani

NicMakesPlays Renekton Sejuani (LoR Deck)


[See NicMakesPlays Renekton Sejuani deck details]


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