LoR Deck Guide: Diana Nocturne Nightfall

LoR Deck Guide: Diana Nocturne Nightfall

Diana Nocturne Nightfall Guide (Call of the Mountain)

In this deck guide, our Glimpse Beyond expert, NicMakesPlays, will be covering how to play Diana Nocturne Nightfall! Here’s the decklist:

nicmakesplays diana nocturne nightfall

[See Diana Nocturne Nightfall deck details]

With two new champions and one of the new keyword mechanics, Nightfall, this is a brand new archetype to rise in the Call of the Mountain expansion.

This guide will be covering the deck’s win condition, mulligans, matchups, tech choices, and more, so stick around!

Win Condition and Expected Turn to Win Game

The goal of the deck is to activate your Nightfall effects to take control of the board and apply pressure with Diana, Lunari Shadestalker and Crescent Warrior while still having follow-up plays in hand for later turns. You want to end the game around turn 7-8 with Nocturne or drains with Doom Beast.

Mulligan for Different Matchups and General Mulligan

In this deck, you always want to mulligan for Solari Soldier and Lunari Duskbringer to activate your Nightfall and Diana to help control the board.

diana nocturne nightfall starting hand simulator

Practice your mulligans with the Starting Hand Simulator.

Stalking Shadows is good in any matchup that isn’t too aggressive against you (Scouts, Lulu Demacia) as well.

Card Choices and Key Synergies

This deck does well at making huge swings for board control and going for lethal when the time is right. You want to start off the game by opening with Lunari Duskbringer and Solari Soldier for Nightfall activators.

lunari duskbringer jpg

solari soldier jpg

These activators allow you to use Diana, Shadestalker and Crescent Guardian to chip in early damage. You always want to save your Nightfall activators to trigger Nightfall effects and make sure that you have your activators planned for the next 1-2 turns ahead of time. If you open Solari Soldier and Stygian Onlooker going second you can push for 7 damage as well.

Fading Memories and Stalking Shadows can also be used as Nightfall activators throughout the game to trigger your Nightfall Effects.

fading memories jpg

stalking shadows jpg

Since both of these cards create Ephemeral copies of cards, you can use those on defense to stop your opponent’s attacks. Commonly, you would want to pick Lunari Duskbringer off of these to make sure you have enough Nightfall activators for the rest of the game.

Another good pick off these cards is Doombeast since he does 2 Drain whenever he is summoned, you can summon the Ephemeral copy on defense to have a 3/2 blocker that drains which can continue to apply pressure while stopping theirs.

Lunari Shadestalker and Crescent Guardian are the core cards that have Nightfall effects.

lunari shadestalker jpg

crescent guardian jpg

Lunari Shadestalker gains Elusive from Nightfall while Crescent Guardian gets 2 attack which compliments his Overwhelm. These cards let you chip in damage during the Early and Mid-game to start pressuring your opponent’s nexus and allowing for easier kill turns with Nocturne.

Diana also gains Challenger from Nightfall which lets you rip apart your opponent’s board one by one. This allows you to stop your opponent’s strategy while opening up opportunities for your other units to do damage.

diana level 1 jpgnocturne level 1 jpg

After you’ve chipped away and controlled the Midgame you can use Nocturne to push huge damage and go for game. You usually want to play Nocturne as the last card for the turn so you can -1 their whole field’s attack and give Vulnerable to anything that can block Fearsome.

You can use simple low cost cards like Solari Soldier or Lunari Duskbringer so your opponent has to commit to the field with blockers or take a lot of damage. When they commit with their blockers you just play Nocturne and give your field fearsome and attack for 10+ damage.

Lunari Priestess and Cygnus the Moon Stalker are used to win the game if the game goes past turns 7+.

lunari priestess jpg

cygnus the moonstalker jpg

You can summon Lunari Priestess to fix your curve near the end of mid game when you have 3 remaining mana and get a card specifically for the situation you’re in, or a finisher like The Great Beyond. Against Leona Asol and Trundle A Sol deck they will regularly make you go to turns 7+ and having Lunari Priestess lets you keep up and compete with them in the late game.

Cygnus can be used to easily push 6+ damage with most of your creatures like your 2 attack units, Doombeast, or Crescent Guardian. If you have a leveled up Diana with Cygnus she can easily push 9+ damage and if you have a Pale Cascade on top of that then it becomes 11+ damage.

Good Matchups (and How to Win Them Consistently)

The meta decks that this deck has good matchups into this are Swain TF and Ezreal TF. All damage you do to them is permanent since they run no cards that heal their Nexus (unless they Nab yours). This makes it so all chip damage you do during the early and mid-game is very effective and allows you to get easy kills with Nocturne.

Swain TF 8-27

Most of their unit-based defense comes from Petty Officer so if you bait out their removal spells then play Nocturne, you can have huge Fearsome swings. You can often force them to use their removal either against Diana early on or a Crescent Guardian that’s threatening to chip away at their Nexus.

You can also use Pale Cascade in these matchups to have your units survive removal spells while also making them gain buffs for the turn.

My best advice for this matchup is to slowly threaten the field to bait out their removal spells by playing units like Solari Soldier + Crescent Guardian + Duskbringer so they are forced to act or take damage.

Then you just chip away the during the mid game and then drop Nocturne, Cygnus, or a Celestial to finish.

Bad Matchups (and How to Give Yourself a Better Chance at Winning)

The hardest matchups for this deck are ones that run Withering Wail and Grasp, such as Warmothers or Deep. The best you can do is try and bait them out to use their spells early then punish by playing stronger units after they’ve spent up their mana.

deep monsters 9-1

Since these matchups aren’t that popular, I’ll use Trundle A Sol as an example although I think this matchup is even. A common scenario you have to face against in this matchup is dealing with their Avalanche and Icequake.

Since if you don’t commit hard to the field they can just heal back their life with Catalyst of Aeons or Starshaping, you have to develop slowly to the field to either bait out Avalanche or make the read if they have it in hand.

You play small units one at a time to threaten decent damage and you should put them in a situation where if they don’t Avalanche they take 6+ damage and if they do Avalanche you can just redevelop your board with stronger units such as Stygian Onlookers and go for big damage now that their Avalanche is used up.

On turns that they play Trundle, they are only playing one unit for 5 mana so you can develop wide and go for a big attack next turn as well. Diana can also challenge Wyrding Stones to get rid of a blocker and she can also remove Faces of the Old Ones to slow down their early game.

Tech Choices


A good finisher since you can regularly get people down to 6 or less Nexus health if you’re playing aggressively.

Spacey Sketcher

A good Nightfall Activator that can also give you the Serpent amongst other useful cards to activate Nightfall or be good for the situation you are in at the time.

Glimpse Beyond

Helps refuel after big plays or vs removal and makes good use of Ephemeral units.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask NicMakesPlays during his streams (usually 6PM-1230AM EST).

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