5 Champions That Counter Akshan

5 Champions That Counter Akshan

5 Champions Who Counter Akshan

Akshan is the newest champion to hit Summoners Rift in Season 11. He is a champion that can be played in multiple roles, but for this guide we will be focusing on mid-lane Akshan.

His kit is very unique, and his mobility and kit are very, well let’s say- it’s got a lot in it. Have fun playing against him!

Before we begin, this guide is mostly theory craft and was created while he was on the PBE. There may be better champions out there that counter him. The champions we’ve recommended are good picks into him though.

If you’re interested in learning how to play as Akshan, check out Akshan’s champion page. You’ll find their latest builds, runes, combos and much much more.

What champions counter Akshan?

  1. Cassiopeia
  2. Lux
  3. Anivia
  4. Xerath
  5. Syndra

5 champions that counter Akshan are Cassiopeia, Lux, Anivia, Xerath, and Syndra. You can find all the matchup tips we use in this guide on the Mobalytics App.

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1. Akshan vs Cassiopeia

Cassiopeia has very strong all-in and turnaround potential with her Ultimate and her E spam. If he uses his E aggressively and misses, she can easily abuse him and chase him down.

4 tips to counter Akshan as Cassiopeia

  • Don’t forget to poke Akshan frequently during the early levels. He won’t be able to do much but beware of getting poked out by his Q.
  • Your W is the bane of Akshan’s existence as it can cancel his E out. Use it in situations where it looks like he is about to all-in you.
  • Your Ultimate will be essential in winning team fights against Akshan. Also, when he uses his W, there is a high chance he will be near terrain, so try to stay in the middle of the lane at all costs.
  • Keep the wave in the middle of the lane and go for short burst trades when possible. Do not let him sustain himself and keep him at arm’s reach at all times.

2. Akshan vs Lux

Lux is a safe pick into Akshan and she shouldn’t die to him during the lane as long as she positions well. However, while she is a safe champion, she can blow him up with a basic combo if he makes a mistake or gets too close to her.

4 tips to counter Akshan as Lux

  • You will want to keep poking Akshan with your E every chance you get. Only go in to proc your Passive if Akshan’s E is on cooldown.
  • Use your Q very carefully in this lane, as it will be the difference between a won game and a lost one. Try to predict his flight path when he is using his E but never try to use your Q blindly when he is using his W near terrain.
  • If Akshan is roaming, make sure that you follow him only when you have vision of him. His ability to burst you down, combined with his mobility, will get you killed.
  • Keep the wave in the middle of the lane for as long as possible. It will help you farm, as well as poke Akshan to death in the lane. Stay away from the terrain at all times.

3. Akshan vs Anivia

Akshan will be trying to abuse the enemy as much as he can, and then spread his advantage to help his allies. Against Anivia, I don’t think he can do that. Her Passive makes it hard for him to kill her, and in the early game he will not be able to kill her twice in a row. Also, post 6, Anivia can keep him pushed into his tower while positioning safely so he cannot roam period/

4 tips to counter Akshan as Anivia

  • Your W and Q will be of paramount importance when dealing with Akshan. Use your W as a surefire way to interrupt his E when you get the chance.
  • Go for short Q > E burst trades against Akshan whenever you get the chance. Getting him low will prevent him from looking for all-ins on you.
  • Once you get your Ultimate, your laning should become much lenient. Use it in combination with your W to trap Akshan and kill him.
  • Keeping the wave in the middle of the lane should be pretty easy for you and should be your preferred lane state. If he roams, push in and get some tower plates.

4. Akshan vs Xerath

Xerath has lots of wave clear and can keep Akshan pushed into his tower. Furthermore, he is a pretty safe champion so he shouldn’t die to him during the laning phase at all. If Akshan does get a roam off, Xerath can push the wave and answer him with his Ultimate.

4 tips to counter Akshan as Xerath

  • Poke Akshan relentlessly with your W > Q combo in the lane. This will help you take over the lane quickly and will prevent him from allin’ing you.
  • If Akshan tries to E onto you, CC him immediately with your E. Once he is CC’d, just allin and kill him with your team.
  • Since you’re immobile, you will want to make sure that you don’t follow Akshan blindly. His burst damage is massive, and you should be wary of it while roaming.
  • Keep the wave on your side of the tower and focus on poking and farming at the same time. This will prevent Akshan from roaming freely and will let you scale up quickly.

5. Akshan vs Syndra

Syndra has incredible wave clear and can keep him pushed in. This will make it impossible for him to roam around the map and help his allies.

4 tips to counter Akshan as Syndra

  • Poke Akshan constantly with your Q and W in the lane. This will be really effective during the early levels of the game when
  • Akshan has no sustainability. Akshan is really mobile, but you can easily counter it with your E in the lane. Try to combine it with a Q to CC and burst him down.
  • Your Ultimate should help you a lot in the lane when dealing with Akshan. Work with your team to CC and blow him up quickly, else his W Passive will cause a lot of issues for you.
  • Keep the wave in the middle of the lane and go for short burst trades when possible. Do not follow him blindly if he decides to roam, instead, cash in on some tower plates.


Please remember that this Akshan guide was mostly theory crafted prior to his release. We hope that these tips will help you play against him in the future.

For more tips and tricks for Akshan, check out Akshan’s champion page on Mobalytics!

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