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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Wayfarer Build Guide

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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Wayfarer Build Guide

In our Dragon’s Dogma 2 Wayfarer build guide, we’ll examine what it’s capable of, where it shines, and where it falls flat. This vocation is quite controversial; some believe it’s terrible, while others think it’s the best. I believe the vocation is incredibly powerful when used to abuse specific skills from other vocations.

In addition to being quite versatile, the vocation can level all other vocations simultaneously. This alone makes it incredibly impressive and worthwhile to use throughout the game. The downside is the lower base stats, though these are not low enough to affect gameplay or difficulty.

Wayfarer's class overview

See where the Wayfarer ranks in our Dragon’s Dogma 2 vocation tier list.

The Build

The Wayfarer can use every weapon skill in the game. This may seem like “a lot,” but this freedom has few viable uses. It allows you to pick things you “like” and rotate them, but typically, this isn’t optimal. However, that’s up to you. It is optimal to take something strong from one, such as Augural Flair from the Sorcerer, and attack it with faster-attacking vocations, like Archer or Thief, to maximize procs, thus obtaining more damage.

There are three downsides to the Wayfarer that are worth knowing, but I don’t personally believe they are that big a deal.

  • Can not use Maister’s skills.
  • Lower base stats compared to the vocations.
  • One skill must be dedicated to Rearmament.

These may appear to be huge downsides, but something surpasses these downsides: you can level every other vocation simultaneously. The discipline you gain is split between every vocation you have yet to level. So, if you have classes you aren’t keen on playing but want their Augments, you’re best off playing Wayfarer. This also makes Wayfarer the best vocation to rush on a newer character.

Wayfarer's Build

Weapon Skills

There are likely several ways to play this, and I’d be doing Wayfarer a little injustice if I just showed one. Instead, I’ll show an Archer and Thief build using Augural Flare. I’ve played both, and they’re powerful. The Archer is significantly more straightforward to pull off, while the Thief takes some getting used to. Augural also substantially boosts the Archers’ typically low damage output.

Archer Setup

  • Augural Flare
    • We’ll be looking to proc this ability as much as possible. It’s where most of the damage in our build will come from, and it melds incredibly well with Archer. Archer enables this to be placed and hit immediately on almost any body location.
  • Spiral Arrow
    • Spiral Arrow is great on its own, but it can also continually hit Augural Flare. It’s quick to cast and doesn’t have a high resource cost, allowing you to place 2 to 3 of these on top of an Augural Flare.
  • Erupting Shot – Replaceable
    • This is mainly for debilitations, knocking foes off balance, or grounding Griffons; there are many uses here. Depending on what you need, many skills can be placed here. Tarring Arrows and Blight Arrows are equally helpful.
  • Rearmament
    • Rearmament has to be here to switch between Bow and Staff.

Thief Setup

  • Augural Flare
    • Similarly to the Archer setup, this is where we create a massive burst of damage. Unlike the Archer, though, we’ll want to hit it with our basic attack instead of doing it in range. Our Core skill, Carve, gives us the attack speed needed to rapidly proc Augural Flare.
  • Skull Splitter
    • This is a top-tier Thief skill. It’s crazy on Thief and crazy on Wayfarer. It allows you to hit Augural Flare while also hitting everything else. You’ll typically want to be using Carve on Augural, but this can also be used, and it’s devastating even without Augural.
  • Gut and Run – Enkindled Blades/Implicate (Replaceable)
    • I placed Gut & Run here mainly because I like it. It allows for cutting off the body parts of bigger creatures. A prominent example of this is Medusa, whose head you can cleanly cut off once she is downed. You can stick whatever you feel works here, though. Another good pick is Enkindled Blades.
  • Rearmament
    • Rearmament has to be here to switch between Dagger and Staff.

Remember that depending on the build choice, you’ll need a staff weapon for the Sorcerer skill and a dagger or bow. You do not need to equip more weapons than this to level classes. They will level simply because you’re a Wayfarer.

Wayfarer's Weapon Skills


Augments can be heavily swayed by preference. For example, having Constancy and Avidity is nice, but you may not need Constancy if you’re not worried about getting smacked around.

Archer’s goal is to Augural Flare, into Spiral Arrow as much as possible, so Endurance and Zeal are here to help. Constancy is a solid choice for most classes. Lethality is used for extra damage on top of Augural Flare. Avidity is changeable. I have it here because I like the terrain movability it gives. Subtlety is here, so we’re not the target.

Wayfarer Archer Augments

Archer’s goal is to Augural Flare, into Spiral Arrow as much as possible, so Endurance and Zeal are here to help. Constancy is just all around a solid choice for most classes. Lethality is used for extra damage on top of Augural Flare. Avidity is changeable, and I have it here because I like the terrain movability it gives. Subtlety is here, so we’re not the target.

  • Constancy
  • Zeal
  • Endurance
  • Lethality
  • Avidity
  • Subtlety

Wayfarer Thief Augments

The Thief Augments are roughly the same, with a slight emphasis on being able to reach, then stick to, those unreachable places. Vigor, Poise, and Avidity all help in this area. Vigor and Poise are helping with the Stamina costs. Avidity for the 10% movement gain.

  • Constancy
  • Vigor
  • Poise
  • Lethality
  • Avidity
  • Subtlety

Wayfarer's Augments


There are two styles of play at work here. What they both have in common is hitting Augural Flare. Augural Flare is a potent skill, even when used by a Sorcerer. The Sorcerer can’t hit it as quickly as they would like. That’s where the Thief and Archer skills come in. Typically, both vocations attack unusually fast, allowing them to reach the maximum amount of Augural procs.

You’ll want to work on applying Augural Flare. Then quickly switch to your primary weapon to start hitting with Spiral Arrow, or ideally, be close enough to begin Carving.

Weapon Skills

The Wayfarer doesn’t have its own weapon skills except for Rearmament. Instead, it can use the skills of every other vocation as long as it wields the weapon. It still must have spent the discipline to unlock those skills as well. It can see everything locked and unlocked within the Vocational NPC.

  • Rearmament
    • This skill will take up a slot so that you can rotate between weapons. You’re allowed to equip a total of 5 weapons. Due to this skill taking up a slot, you’ll only be allowed to slot in 3 other skills.
    • The ability to equip 5 weapons feels a little redundant. I assume the class was initially built so you could switch between weapons and, thus, switch between skills. While overpowered, I feel like that’s sort of the point of the class.

You do not need to equip the weapon of the vocation you want to level with Wayfarer. Just being a Wayfarer will allow you to level every vocation.


The Wayfarer has the fewest Augmentations in the game, with a whopping two available. They are decent Augmentations, though, and I’d recommend both in most other builds.

  • Zeal
    • This is a 5% stamina reduction when performing weapon skills. While not massive, but every little helps.
  • Dynamism
    • Dynamism reduces how much your weight class affects your movement speed by 1. This means you will always run at a weight class 1 level lower than stated. For example, if you carry enough to make your character Heavy, you’ll be one weight class lower.

Wayfarer's Equippable Augments