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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Magick Archer Build Guide

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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Magick Archer Build Guide

In this Dragon’s Dogma 2 Magic Archer build guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to play the vocation.

This vocation can deal with everything in the game due to the sheer amount of damage it deals. It’s also ranged, so it doesn’t suffer from having to be within melee range. Throw in subtlety and a fighter pawn; this vocation will likely be everyone’s choice.

The Magick Archer was also incredibly popular in the original game due to its impressively high damage and unique skill set. Its return hasn’t suffered; with added supportive capabilities and a legit one-hit ability, its power has only grown. It’s definitely a vocation with many strengths and very few weaknesses.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Magick Archer Build Guide

See where the Magick Archer ranks in our Dragon’s Dogma 2 vocation tier list.

The Build

Although incredibly powerful, it’s a vocation that you’ll likely not see for a large portion of the game, unfortunately. It’s definitely possible to grab early, but you’ll be trekking a fair distance to unlock the vocation. Once you have reached a point in the game where you’re able to unlock it, I fully recommend doing so.

The Magick Archer has many skills available, both damage and supportive, making the vocation quite versatile. Their most damaging spells are Sagittate Avalanche and Ricochet Seeker. These two skills will literally be all you need when it comes to damage. Sagittate Avalanche will be your typical go-to for most encounters; it’s high damage and doesn’t require you to aim. Ricochet Seeker is also an incredibly potent skill, used primarily in tight spaces. This will absolutely clear rooms.

We’ve also been given a few supportive skills this time around, one of which is Recovery Arrow. It’s worth selecting as it revives downed pawns and is typically faster and less of a hassle than reviving them. Bartizan could also be used, but I think most of your focus should be on dealing damage, and Barizan requires a bit more active participation as a support skill.

Martyr’s Bolt is the Magic Archer Maister skill, and it is incredible. This skill alone is so overturned in terms of damage that it makes you question the existence of Archers, Heavenly Shot. It allows you to sacrifice your health for massive damage. The upside is that you’ll typically one-shot anything you use this against, which means there’s no real downside, as you can just heal the damage or rest at a campsite.

DD Magick Archer Weapon Skills

Weapon Skills

Ricochet Seeker (Ricochet Hunter)

It’s used in tight spaces and rooms. You can literally fire this down a corridor, and it’ll wipe everything out. It’s so overturned.

Sagittate Downpour (Sagittate Avalanche)

You’ll use this everywhere else. It locks on and does incredible damage, and there’s really not much else to it.

Remedy Arrow (Recovery Arrow) – Replaceable

Great for when pawns need to be revived. It’s a bit of a nuisance having to run over to them, so being able to do it from range is a bonus. We also don’t really need this slot for any other skill, but you can use something else here if you prefer.

Martyr’s Bolt (Maister Skill)

The One-Punch man of skills. This thing is nuts. The downside is supposed to be that it drains your health, but it one-shots everything. If everything is dead, nothing is stopping you from heading to your nearest campsite to rest or from popping an Allheal Elixer.


Everything we do here is mostly to help keep us from being focused, with Subtlety, and helping us with Stamina. Zeal and Endurance help here. Zeal could potentially be replaced with Exaltation from the Mage. Lethality is only a 5%-10% damage increase, which may not be worth it, but damage is damage. I don’t particularly think the class needs Mettle, so Thew is a better replacement for Lethality.

  • Constancy (Sorcerer)
  • Zeal (Wayfarer)
  • Endurance (Archer)
  • Lethality (Archer) (Mettle or Thew)
  • Dynamism (Wayfarer) (Mettle or Thew)
  • Subtlety (Thief)

Weapons DD Magick Archer Skills


The play style of the Magick is pretty straightforward, and you rarely get focused with a Fighter pawn, so in most cases, you’re relatively safe. Most encounters will consist of you just on repeat firing Sagittate Avalanche and reviving when needed with Remedy Arrow.

Ricochet Seeker is our tight corridor space conqueror. This thing has no equal and will absolutely obliterate everything. Unfortunately, they don’t bounce in open spaces, so they don’t ramp up in damage; otherwise, I’d use this everywhere.

Martyr’s Bolt is here for large foes that take too long, and you just want a die now button. This is powerful enough to one-shot Dragons and the final boss.

Weapon Skills

Irradiant Orb (Candecent Orb)

It allows you to see in the Dark. Spoopy. It supposedly deals better damage to undead, but I didn’t see it and saw little point in using it. Especially as there isn’t much undead.

Frostseeker Bolt (Frosthunter Bolt)

Frostseeker Bolt is a decent ability. It rapidly freezes drenched targets, which is a great form of CC.

Remedy Arrow (Recovery Arrow)

Great for reviving downed pawns, this is a decent supportive skill I think is worth using due to its ease of use. However, it will likely not see as much use the later you get into the game, as pawns die less.

Ricochet Seeker (Ricochet Hunter)

I love these bouncy boys. It’s just a room cleaner; I use this every chance and find it incredibly fun. You can fire these down hallways and into caves/rooms, and it’ll obliterate everything in them.

Sedative Bolt (Soporific Bolt)

I thought this skill was a little gimmicky; maybe I didn’t have the imagination to utilize it properly.

Flamefang Arrow (Blazefang Arrow)

I didn’t use this much, but this will be a trend with the next few skills. Sagittate and Ricochet are so powerful that they can trivialize many of the skills in the Magic Archers kit.

Vimtaking Arrow (Lifetaking Arrow)

It Heals health when used and doesn’t deal that much damage.

Hailstone Bolt (Artic Bolt)

Creates a huge ice boulder? I don’t know.

SparkChain Stake (Boltchain Stake)

It’s great in groups but not so great anywhere else. The issue is that everything dies so quickly, so an ability primarily for CCing groups is of little use.

Bartizan (Fortalice)

It requires you to actively protect allies, but the best way to protect them is with damage. It’s a neat, supportive skill, though.

Sagittate Downpour (Sagittate Avalanche)

Another great, high-damage, low-cost ability. Auto-locks on, so little is required on the player’s side; just point and shoot.

Martyr’s Bolt

Regardless of what you choose on Magick Archer, I think this will always be in your selection. Even if it’s not used most of the time, something large, typically a Dragon, will eventually cross your path.


  • Sustainment: Augments the Physical Defense and Magick Defense of pawns in your Party.
    • The numbers on this are apparently atrocious, giving 30 flat Physical/Magic Defense. It’s borderline useless.
  • Voracity: Recovers a small amount of Stamina when you deliver the killing bow to a target.
    • I don’t personally see a use for this, maybe vs smaller mobs.
  • Prolificity: Increase the likelihood that smaller targets will drop items.
    • I couldn’t find the numbers for this, and I doubt it’s worth it anyway.
  • Ascendancy: Augments the Strength and Magick of pawns in your Party.
    • Similar to Sustainment, it gives a 30-flat bonus to Strength and Magic; it’s essentially useless.
  • Amelioration: Reduces the amount of time taken for fallen pawns to revive.
    • It’s never really needed; the time isn’t long, and it’s unnecessary if you’re using Remedy Arrow.

Augments DD Archer Magick

In Conclusion

If you want to grab the Magick Archer early, I’d recommend searching for a guide on YouTube on how to do it, as it’s definitely possible. I’d also recommend it as the vocation is incredibly powerful, and it’s also possible to pick up Wayfarer at the same time, which is equally a solid vocation.

Sagittate Avalanche and Ricochet Hunter are skills that’ll literally carry you through the entire game.