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Mattjestic’s Tips and Tricks for Leveling from 1-100 in Diablo 4

Mattjestic’s Tips and Tricks for Leveling from 1-100 in Diablo 4

Looking for tips to help you level faster in Diablo 4?

Mattjestic has you covered in his latest video guides linked below!

In this article, we’ve gathered his key notes to give you an easy place to access them.

If you want to use Mattjestic’s builds (like his Thorns Barb) head to the Mobalytics build site.

UPDATE #2: Since NM Dungeons = 79.6% MORE Exp!

After another Diablo 4 update, Nightmare Dungeons offer more experience so we have more up-to-date tips to help you level ASAP.

How to Level a New Alt

First, start with the skip campaign selected and then get a friend to help or find a speedrun helper to do both W3 & W4 Capstone dungeons – W3 being Cathedral of Light, and W4 being Fallen Temple.

Next, proceed to an exp farming spot. This is another good time to have a friend to reach level 50. Overall, this should take less than an hour!

Count leveling in exp dungeons via reset or join Nightmare Dungeons farming for Glyphs exp. Your goal is to get your core Glyphs to level 15. In total, this would cost 5m-10m gold or take 1-2 hours of your friend’s time.

Remember to start looking for Rares After W4 & Keep Good Legendaries we can also craft from the Codex.

The next goal is to be able to farm exp dungeons or Nightmare Dungeons after level 65+. Use Rares you found during leveling or buying key cheap pieces for 1-2m gold on Discord. This way, you can then solo/co-op farm for exp by resetting the method or even start earning gold from selling runs using your alt.

One last tip is that you should have a mid game build ready for your alt class, one that is not unique dependent & can function with crafted Codexes is key!

Time Frame Summary:

  • First 1 Hour: Clear 2 Capstone & 1-50
  • Next 12-20 hours: level up  via resetting dungeons or Nightmare runs
    • Get lvl 50+ so we can get Glyph exp too
  • With the latest buff, Nightmare Runs gives much better exp
  • It’s possible to reach Lvl 100 in 1-3 Days this way!
    • Of course, there wouldn’t be much time for sleep haha, so best to take it easy guys!

UPDATE: New Tips Since Blizzard Nerfed Dungeon Density

We have left the old video and tips below in the feed as some of it is still relevant, but be sure to emphasize the recommendations in this newer video update.

73+ Leveling Guide

  • Farming for experience via dungeon reset
    • Best Spots for solo & co-op (10% more exp in co-op, also faster resets)
      • Sirocco Caverns for solo play exp farming
      • Blind Burrows for 2–4 co-op (beware of Spider Snares)
      • Demons Wake For 2+
      • Haunted Refuge For 2+ co-op (different mob types)
    • Make sure to take advantage of potions vs certain types of mobs! (for 5% bonus exp & tons of bonus DMG for faster clears!)

After Levels 85/90/95

  • Start to look into Nightmare Dungeons
  • The stronger you get, the higher Tier you can clear, the better the Glyphs exp & rewards
  • At the moment we have to RUN to each new dungeon from Sigils, making it LESS time-efficient compared to farming via dungeon resets

Once you are 95+, normal dungeon monsters will stay Level 95!

  • For each level you are over vs mobs, you get 10% less exp! So at 99 vs 95, you get 40% less exp!
    • For each level you are lower than the mobs, you get 15% bonus exp, caps At 25%
  • This is why Nightmare Dungeons after 95 is a great way to farm exp with a bonus & get our Glyphs up!
    • Learn from my mistake! I still have low-level Glyphs even at Level 99!
  • What’s the best Tier level To play at?
    • At least 3 levels higher than our character
    • It’s Tier level +54 e.g. Tier 49 is 49+54 = level 103 mobs (which is a good start!)
      • Consider doing 45/46 if you have trouble clearing this one!

You can also do Helltide/Legion events when you want a break!

  • Helltide is always good as you’ll need MORE mats for reroll & crafting!
  • Legion = Obols, less important but do it when it’s a 2x reward bonus with the Helltide zone or with Tree Of Whispers!
  • Tree Of Whispers also gives around 160k exp
    • As we complete it with 10 favors, it’s not much but could help a bit too! (NOT worth doing dungeons just for this!)

First Leveling Tips Video (Still Relevant until 73+)

All Levels

Levels 1-40

  • Clear out story, then unlock World Tier 3.
  • You can ask for help from clan, friends, or on our Discord!

Levels 45-55

  • Do Legion Events, Nightmare dungeons, Helltide, or even just farm for Tree off Whispers + unlock dungeons and Renown level 3.

Levels 50-60

  • Unlock World Tier 4!
  • Our Discord also has trade tabs for some early Ancestral Items for your class at 60 (and a lot of giveaways).

Levels 50-70

  • Have a Legion Countdown ready! It happens every 20-31ish mins on a variable CD.
  • Run good exp and farm dungeons like Champion’s Demise (3 man!) or the Spider dungeon exp (best For me).
  • So overall, the rotation is to farm dungeons for 20ish mins, do Legion & repeat!
  • If you are TOO weak/underleveled to do W4 dungeons solo, start farming a random event location (see our guide)!
    • Use event reset trick or just look for more in areas
    • Gambling Obols is EXTREMELY good for legendaries
    • Alternative rotation is to farm random events for 20ish mins, do Legion, & repeat!
  • Start Doing W4 Helltide when you are ready!
    • This farms For end game uniques too
    • The key is to be able to survive
    • See our Least Random Event + Helltide Farm Trick

Levels 71+

  • Start doing focused dungeons reset farm spots/Nightmare dungeons!
  • The most time-efficient way is farming one dungeon with at least a 2 man party (for 10% bonus exp)
    • Using the dungeon reset trick, we leave the dungeon instantly and it resets. This saves so much time compared to Nightmare Dungeons(you also don’t have to finish it!).
  • Nightmare dungeon is also great for glyph exp
    • W4 scales closer to our player level after 73.
    • This is when we use Nightmare dungeons to skip To 75-80 level mobs!
  • Currently, there are 3 good spots to farm for exp and loot
    • Iron Hold
      • 10x Elite Stacks
      • Fun but a bit slow but good loot (group play)
    • Champions Demise
      • 3 person solo each lane with quite hard mobs
    • Blind Burrows
      • My Favorite!
      • 4-person solo, 1-2 min clears
      • All melee mobs that don’t run away
      • Lots more exp
      • Less rare loot so less time spent in town/pick up gears)

Thanks for reading! See Mattjestic’s builds at the Mobalytics build site for Diablo 4.