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How to Level Up Fast in Diablo 4 (Season 4)

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The Fastest Way To Level In Season 4

Leveling can be an extremely enjoyable experience in Diablo 4, and I really enjoy leveling.

However, after reaching level 100 multiple times, you get fed up with doing it after ever Seasonal change, so you try to level as fast as possible so you don’t waste time.

d4 loading image

That’s exactly what we’ll go through today: the fastest way to get from a fresh character to level 100 in no time! For beginners or brand-new players, you must complete the campaign before using this guide. It’s also recommended that you complete your Renown first, although that is not required in this guide.

We start by creating our character and are dropped off in Kyovoshad. From here, you’ll want to head to the nearest Helltide immediately. One of the better changes for Season 4 is that Helltides are immediately available, so it is really effective for levelling and gearing up.

Helltides Map D4

How to make the best of your time in the Helltide:

  • Always participate in the Blood Maiden ritual.
  • When there is no active Blood Maiden, complete objectives around the Helltide instead.
  • ABK (Always Be Killing).
  • Use your Cinders- opening chests grants large amounts of XP.
  • If you have a Flask- use it.
  • Build for movement speed and AoE.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Symbol (in-game)

Class Quest

Do your best not to forget your class quest (I do this more often than I care to admit). These unlock at level 15 and grant a powerful class-specific Passive. These quests are marked on your map automatically, but in case you’re having trouble finding them, here is the location of each class quest:

  • Barbarian
    • The blacksmith in Ker Bardu in the Dry Steppe.
  • Rogue
    • Menestad in Fractured Peaks.
  • Sorcerer
    • Southeast of the Nevesk in Fractured Peaks.
  • Necromancer
    • Northeast of Menestad in Fractured Peaks (level 25).
  • Druid
    • The Stronghold Tur Durla in West Scosglen.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Class Quests

Back to leveling:

After you’ve completed your class quest, head back to the Helltide and continue leveling, following the guidelines from the first section of this guide. You’ll want to remain here until around level 45 or as early as you’re comfortable tackling the first capstone dungeon.

Season 4 Leveling Hotspot D4

When ready, head back to Kyvoshad and head to the Cathedral of Light to the North. You’ll need to be in World Tier 2 for this, so make sure to change to it at the fountain as you head up.

This dungeon can be quite challenging. Make sure your gear is as good as it can be beforehand, and use consumables if you’ve encountered any while leveling; now is a good time to use them.

With any luck, you’ll breeze through the capstone, and now you’re ready to move up to World Tier 3! Head back to the fountain and swap to the new World Tier.

D4 World Tier 2

World Tier 3

Enemies will increase in power quite a bit here, so it’s natural to have a harder time for the first couple of levels in the world tier. So don’t be discouraged if you die a couple of times as you move up to this higher difficulty.

Now you may not be surprised to hear this, but the next step is to get our butts back to the Helltides and to do what we’ve been doing some more. If you do start to get tired of Helltides, it is worthwhile throwing in Tree of Whisper bounties, which can net you a healthy amount of XP, Gold & Materials, or even some Nightmare dungeons for XP or Glyph XP if you’d like.

D4 World Tier 3

But for raw leveling power, stay the course, and you’ll be in WT4 in no time. You’ll want to keep going until you hit level 65 or whenever you’re comfortable, and then head to the second Capstone in the Dry Steppe. As before, ensure your gear is as good as possible, and don’t be afraid to use Flasks and Incense.

The boss on this one can be a little spicy, so best of luck!

T3 Boss Image D4

World Tier 4

The home stretch, people! Once you’ve swapped to World Tier 4, things do open up a bit, so rest assured it’s not just more Helltide spam!

At this point, you’ll be fully introduced to the endgame systems, so there are things you can do while leveling that will benefit you after hitting level 100.

The first is Glyphs, and you’ll want to level these bad boys up by completing Nightmare dungeons. You don’t by any means need to stay in nightmare dungeons until they’re leveled, but it is something to bear in mind. So make sure you’re weaving in the odd dungeon here and there.

D4 World Tier 4

You should also be picking up Tree of Whisper bounties. You’ll want to start handing these in, as you’ll receive materials for summoning Uber bosses and huge chunks of XP, crafting components, and gold. I recommend always doing any bounty you pass that is worth more than three favors; go for the world boss in World Tier 4!

Diablo 4 Loot Gold

Altogether, your leveling should look something like this:

  1. High favor bounties 3+.
  2. World Boss when up.
  3. Helltides.
  4. A couple of Nightmare dungeons after each Helltide.
  5. Repeat.

You can often do several things at once. Pay close attention to see if Tree of Whisper bounties are inside a Helltide or Nightmare dungeon.

Diablo 4 Monster

In Conclusion

This isn’t the be-all and end-all of levelling; it’s just the fastest and most effective way. I always encourage people to do what they enjoy most, as that’s less likely to cause burnout. At best, I recommend using this as a foundation to work from, seeing what components of this guide you enjoy best, and blasting that instead.

Best of luck with Diablo Season 4!