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Season 3 Diablo 4 Rogue Gauntlet Build

Diablo 4 Rogue Gauntlet Build Guide

Diablo 4’s Gauntlet has been released, and with it comes the desire for builds built specifically for it. The Rogue is an incredibly quick and mobile class, so it can take advantage of the Gauntlet quite well, as it is built around a need for speed.

A lot of you already know our Rogue Expert, Sanctum. He’s incredibly active on the Diablo 4 Discord, where he crafts and answers any of the questions you all might have.

He’s well-praised as having some of the best builds out there, and here’s what he’s cooked up for the Rogue when it comes to Gauntlet.

If you’re looking for general Gauntlet tips that apply no matter what class or weekly dungeon, head to our Gauntlet fundamentals guide.

Barrage – Gauntlet King

rogue barrage gauntlet

[See Barrage – Gauntlet King build]

This is the Rogue build to use if you want to get anywhere in the Gauntlet. This Barrage build does something that isn’t common on Rogues, and that’s forgoing Combo Points entirely. We do this to maximize its damage uptime, and by taking Preparation specialization, we have a constant uptime on our Ultimate, Shadow Clone, which allows us to stay constantly on the move, and taking Artillery Shrine and Blast Wave Shrine takes care of our damage needs, it’s important to note here that the Artillery Shrine works with our Shadow Clones allowing them to take care of all the small stuff.

Prioritizing mobility goes without saying; you should always be Dashing when you can and using Shadow Step on monsters at the edge of your screen to stay mobile; the use of Ravager’s Aspect here comes in incredibly useful, giving us two charges of Shadow Step and refreshing its cooldown on kills, massively increasing our builds mobility as it, in turn, allows us to constantly keep clicking monsters at the edge of our screen to keep moving continually.

Due to the heavy emphasis on speed during Gauntlets, you’ll want Movement Speed rolls on your Amulet, Boot slots, and Shrine Buff Duration rolls, giving us as much Shrine Buff uptime as possible.

We also have a lot of synergy working here with Tibaults Will, Ring of Starless Skies, Shadow Step, and Preparation, all built around generating Energy with Tibaults and Shadow Step and constantly spending that Energy through Barrage with the help of Ring of the Starless Skies.