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Diablo 4 Mounts Guide for Beginners

How to Unlock Mounts in Diablo 4

Trying to get your first Diablo 4 mount? You’ve come to the right place.

Games with massive maps can be daunting for some players.

Despite access to fast travel points, it can still take a good deal of time to traverse to distant lands. Thankfully, there’s a solution…mounts!

This quick guide will cover how mounts work and more importantly, how to unlock then.

Once you get your mount and want to hop back into game, be sure to check out our Diablo 4 site for builds and more.

How Do Diablo 4 Mounts work?

Mounts are primarily used to help players get around and explore a lot faster than they could on foot. Whether you’re running errands in a town or heading out to reach a new location, mounts will save you a great deal of time. Players can mount or dismount at the click of a button, but there are a couple of restrictions.

For starters, there is a 10-second cooldown after dismounting, preventing players from repeatedly spamming the button. Additionally, it is not possible to summon a mount inside of a dungeon or indoors.

In order to enter combat, players must dismount. If you’re trying to avoid the fight, it can be possible to ride by. However, get hit too much and you’ll be forced into battle.

What’s required to unlock a Mount in Diablo 4?

Before you get too excited, getting a mount will take some time. The major barrier is that players must progress to the beginning of Act IV. While Acts 1-3 are playable in any order, Act IV will only unlock once the prior three are completed.

Doing so will open up a new Priority Quest known as “Mount: Donan’s Favor”. Thankfully, this side quest isn’t a long drawn-out venture.

It’s just like all the other quests that introduce new shopkeepers. The quest will simply send you to the Stable Master in Kyovashad and provide the first mount free of charge!

If you preordered the game you will also be able to claim the Light-Bearer Mount. Also, those who purchased the Ultimate Edition will now unlock the Temptation Mount.

Twitch Drop Launch Event

Alongside Diablo 4’s official launch, there will be a Twitch Drop that allows players to earn the Primal Instinct Mount by supporting eligible Diablo 4 content creators. Gift two subs of any tier to unlock this reward.

Diablo 4 streamer mount

Keep in mind this event only runs from June 5th at 4:00pm PDT to July 2nd at 11:59pm PDT. While there is a real money cost to this mount, if you’re already planning to support your favorite streamer, it’s a nice bonus worth claiming!

Once you get your mount and want to hop back into game, be sure to check out our Diablo 4 site for builds and more.