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How to Summon Diablo 4 Season 2 Bosses (Endgame)

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Where to Summon the Diablo 4 Season 2 Bosses

In this guide, we’ll cover where and how to summon the Diablo 4 Season 2 bosses.

For each section, you’ll find the mats you need, a location (if applicable), and the recommended level to farm them.

If you’re not sure how to approach your farming priority, check out our guide on which uniques are worth targeting from S2 bosses.

For a quick jump to a particular boss, be sure to use our table of contents!

How to Summon Beast in Ice

beast in ice uniques

Beast in Ice is summoned using Distilled Fear which is gathered from the end of Nightmare Dungeons. We recommend farming around level 80.

distilled fear

It doesn’t seem like the Nightmare Dungeon level affects how many Distilled Fears you receive, so try to farm dungeons you can clear very quickly. Make sure you use the glyph upgrades after you kill him! If you need extra tankiness, pop a cold resistance potion.

When you open up the dungeon, it will appear on the map exactly like a Nightmare Dungeon, and you can just teleport straight inside!

How to Summon Duriel

duriel uniques

The best single thing to farm in the entire game is Duriel. He drops many useful Uniques including the Uber Uniques making him amazing for farming. Look to farm him around level 90.

To summon him you need 2 Mucus-Slick Eggs from Varshan and 2 Shards of Agony from Grigiore.

mucus slick eggs and shards of agony

These mats are very time-consuming to gather, and you should absolutely get a group together when farming Duriel so that you can summon him 4x as many times with the same materials.

gaping crevasse map

If you’re build is high damage, you can also farm him by selling Duriel carries, and then using the money to buy more summoning materials. By doing this, you can actually summon him infinitely. If you need extra survivability against him pop a poison resistance potion.

How to Summon Grigiore

grigiore uniques

Grigiore is summoned using Living Steel, which is gathered from the Tortured Gift of Living Steel found in Helltides. We recommend farming Grigiore at level 80.

living steel

Two chests spawn at a time, and after a certain amount of time has passed another pair of chests will spawn.

hall of the penitent map

I suggest you use helltides.com to track these spawns. This boss drops Shards of Agony which are used to summon Duriel. Keep in mind that if you farm him in a party, only the player that Summons him will get Duriel mats. If you need extra survivability pop a lightning resistance potion.

How to Summon Lord Zir

lord zir uniques

Lord Zir requires 9 Exquisite Bloods to summon, which can be gathered from doing Legion Events and the World Boss.

exquisite blood

Be sure to use our in-game app to track Timers for these events and do them anytime they’re up.

the darkened way map

If you need extra tankiness you can pop an armor potion as his physical attacks can hit pretty hard.

Like most of the other bosses, you can farm Lord Zir around level 80.

How to Summon Varshan

varshan uniques

Varshan requires a Gurgling Head, Blackened Femur, Trembling Hand, and a Malignant Heart to summon.

gurgling head, blackened femure, trembling hand, and a malginant heart

These can be gathered from a few things, but the best is through Tree of Whispers, specifically in Blood Harvests. You can convert the summoning materials into different types at the alchemist.

He drops Mucus-Slick Eggs which are used to summon Duriel. Keep in mind that if you farm him in a party, only the player that Summons him will get Duriel mats.

If you need extra survivability, pop an armor potion as his attacks do lots of damage. Look to farm this boss around level 80.

General Season 2 Boss Farming Tips

  • Do bosses in a party. If you find a group to do bosses with you can each take turns using materials to summon bosses, allowing you to get way more value out of materials. You can find people in community Discord servers pretty easily.
  • If you’re struggling with the fights you should check out our build guides. With a good build, the fights can become quite easy.
  • Most builds have more survivability than they do to survive hits from the bosses, so when you’re going to do a boss you should generally modify your buildup get as much damage as possible.