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How To Make Gold in Diablo 4 (Season 4)

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D4 Guide: How To Make Gold

Understanding how to make gold in Season 4 of Diablo is more important than ever. Not only will you need it for the enhanced crafting systems with tempering and master working, but now legendaries can be traded.

Overall, players can buy even more powerful gear than before. It’s so important that the developers moved the gold cap from 9 trillion to 99 trillion!

This little guide will share with you all the best tips on how to make a bank!

Tree of Whispers

The Tree of Whispers caches are a fantastic way to get the ball rolling once you’ve completed the campaign. You earn these caches by completing bounties across the open world (they’re marked on your map). Each bounty awards between 1 and 5 favors based on its difficulty, and you’ll need a total of 10 to receive a cache from the tree.

whispers of the dead map

Once you reach 10, you cannot earn more favor. But it can overlap. If you have 8 favor, and complete a 5 favor bounty, you need to go to the tree and receive your cache before completing more challenges. The 3 over the 10 limit will be carried over.

claim tree of whispers reward

The great thing about caches is you also receive a lot of gear, materials, gems, summoning materials, and of course gold. This is the primary way to start building up your gold reserves as you move toward the endgame.

tree of whispers loot


Helltides are now stronger in Season 4 and you shouldn’t be too surprised if you spend a ton of time in them.

While you’re here- you’ll earn a lot of gold and resources. You’ll earn gold through enemy drops, and thanks to the new density changes, you’ll have no shortage of demons to kill.

season 4 helltides

You also have the various Helltide chests, which drop gold, powerful gear, and rare materials and potions you can sell for a lot of money.

Finally, there are mountains of gear, which you can sell in the town or trade to other players for large amounts of money. We’ll discuss player trade in its own section a little later.

elixir of resourcefullness

Don’t forget to participate in the public events! These will drop a ton of materials and gear for you to potentially sell.

season 4 helltides map events

Nightmare Dungeons

Though not my first choice for farming gold specifically, it’s not like you don’t earn a bunch in the Nightmare Dungeons along with all the other benefits of completing this endgame content.

season 4 nightmare dungeons

You’ll earn gold through enemy drops, dungeon completion, and, as always, any powerful gear you later decide to sell to other players.

nightmare dungeon loot

You will be able to level your Glyphs as you do this which is a nice added bonus while you save up some gold.

upgrade crusher glyph

For the best payout make sure you open every chest and complete every random dungeon event you come across. A dungeon event is something like the ‘Protect the Injured Adventurers’ missions you occasionally find.


Next up is trading, and this is where the serious money is made! Now, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. I know some people, me included, like to play Diablo completely solo, but trade is in the game, and it’s the best tool for making gold.

If this is your first time trading, it can also be fairly overwhelming to decide what to sell and where to sell it. So, let’s break it down into some easy-to-follow guidelines that’ll have you rolling in gold in no time.

trading diablo 4 items

First, rather than agonising over every piece of gear that comes your way, the easiest way to know if something is worth selling is if you had to stop and think about using it. It’s much easier to focus on gear for the build you’re playing, as you’ll most likely know the stats to look out for. You can expand later as your understanding of builds improves, but for now, this is the best way forward.

diablo 4 boots comparison

Second, don’t set a price yourself. Most trade websites allow sellers to list items under “make me an offer” you may not always get the best price, but you’ll be damn close, and it takes away the hassle of having to price-check every single item you sell.

As for trade websites, I personally recommend Diablo Trade. It has an extremely easy-to-use copy-and-paste feature (you just screenshot the item and paste it onto the site), so listing is a breeze.

There are other methods of trading, though. One is the in-game trade channel, but this usually only has a handful of players. Discord servers for content creators or large communities often have trade channels too. And, of course, there are other trade websites.

how to create a listing part 1how to create a listing part 2

Love it or hate it, but trading will have you earning gold hand over fist, and is by far your most powerful tool for earning gold. Trading is an endgame activity; Diablo has next to no market for leveling gear, so for best results, wait until you’re getting item level 925 gear before starting.

In Conclusion

Mix it all together, and don’t focus on just one thing. In Season 4, it is beneficial to play all the different endgame systems. I hope you find these tips useful, and all the best with your New Season start!