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Diablo 4 Gauntlet Route: Sorcerer Guide (Season 3)

Lurkin’s S3 Gauntlet Route Guide

Howdy folks, welcome to our Diablo 4 Gauntlet Route guide (week 2) for Sorcerers.

I’m Lurkin, currently a top 5 Sorcerer who will be breaking down route maps for the current Gauntlet dungeon.

Below are my video guide, recommended builds, and map images that break down the recommended Gauntlet routes. Be sure to check back for weekly updates!

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This week’s map is a windy cave dungeon like Blind Burrows or Sarat’s Lair. In my opinion, it is a lot more fun to play than last week!

Blizzard is still on top despite technically moving slower than Arc Lash. This is for a few reasons.

  1. Excels at killing Elite Horde packs that spawn after you leave an area with it’s lingering damage
  2. The presence of two artillery shrines again, one of which is right at the start. In addition the cooldown shrine is close to the start as well. Blizzard is extremely strong at killing bosses with Artillery.

The Diablo 4 devs have certainly botched another week of Gauntlet, however. if you finish a run and still have active shrines, you can simply hit “Play Again” and load into a new dungeon with whatever time is left on your shrines.

This doesn’t make a huge difference, but it does save precious seconds killing the first boss if you have artillery, and reaching the second boss if you have cooldown!

Now for the route! I managed to get over a million score on day 1. This certainly feels easier than last week and it appears less players are playing gauntlet, so placing in the Top 100 should be much easier.

Recommended Build

The build we recommend for maximizing your clear speed is the Blizzard Gauntlet build which is S-tier on our tier list.

Head to its in-depth build pages to learn everything there is to know about them:

The Sorcerer Gauntlet Route

Route 1

lurkin s3 gauntlet route 1 update

Kill artillery, cooldown, then artillery again. Swoop to the Critical Strike boss, then make your way to the 2x points. Try to have 3 keys at this point, as opening big chests with keys awards around 16-20K points

Route 2

lurkin s3 gauntlet route 2 update

After our reset, we still have double points lingering, so quickly make your way to the artillery boss, the cooldown boss, and then the artillery boss. You swoop around and knick the blast wave boss. Make your way to double points, hit it, kill the crit strike boss, then reset the map.

Route 3

lurkin s3 gauntlet route 3 update

Double points is active, go fast. We kill the crit strike boss again, then hit artillery, cooldown, then artillery.

We cut left and try to open the last gold chest and kill the blast boss before the double point timer expires. Results may vary.

We follow the top of the map route right all the way to the farthest reset to get it out of the way.

Route 4

lurkin s3 gauntlet route 4 update

This is a very standard clockwise route, hitting cooldown, and then artillery. Hopefully, you still have a blast wave shrine to help knock these two out.

We nab the artillery boss at the start, then make our way to the crit strike boss then blast wave. We hustle up the top of the map again and take the final reset at the top middle.

Route 5

lurkin s3 gauntlet route 5 update

All gas no breaks. Essentially the same route as route 4, so you have some muscle memory for the finish. Hit artillery, cooldown, artillery at start, then crit boss, and blast wave. Then try to clean up as much of the map as you can and you should be near out of time.

Some of the smaller chests scattered around the map are sort of a “grab them when you can” case. Not every run is the same and sometimes it can be hard to grab keys. The biggest thing is trying to get all 3 big chests during double points.

Have fun, and try to not break your space bar.