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Diablo 4: Fields of Hatred Guide (PvP Zones)

How the Fields of Hatred Work

Diablo 4 is known for its continuous grind, but if you need a break from all the demon slaying, there is another option…PvP through the Fields of Hated.

There are two zones in Diablo 4 where PvP can occur. Both of these zones are named the Fields of Hatred, and they can be found within the Dry Steppes region.

Players who enter the area must tread carefully, as you’ll have more than just monsters coming after you.

If you’re playing on Hardcore, make sure you bring some friends!

Getting Started

In order to attack other players you must first use the “Mark for Blood” emote. Once activated, you’re ready for battle. Do note that choosing not to Mark for Blood won’t keep you safe from other players.

So long as they’ve chosen to mark themselves, they’re free to attack you at will! In this case, it generally makes sense to mark yourself, or else you won’t be able to retaliate in combat. However, you at least have the option to avoid harming other players if your intention is to focus on the PvE within the area.

To remove the “Mark for Blood”, simply visit an Altar of Cleansing in town.

Seeds of Hatred

Seeds of Hatred are acquired by killing monsters, completing events, looting chests, and of course…killing other players! When a player dies, all their Seeds of Hatred will drop to the ground. The Fields of Hatred is a high risk, high reward environment in which the strongest and smartest will be victorious.

Throughout the area also roams a boss known as the Seething Abomination. Slaying this behemoth will grant five Grim Favors on top of a large number of seeds and other loot. This can be a very fast and efficient way when farming Whispers, as it’ll generally be a lot faster to kill one boss than complete an entire dungeon. However, if you decide to take on this boss, stay alert for other players who could swoop in for the kill!

In the Fields of Hatred, simply farming seeds is not enough. In fact, if you decide to leave the zone, all Seeds of Hatred will be lost! Seeds of Hatred have no value until they have been properly extracted, and in order to do that, you’ll have to seek an Altar of Extraction.

Altars of Extraction

Diablo 4 altars of extraction

The Altar of Extraction is where you can turn your Seeds of Hatred into Red Dust. Seek out one of the various altars on the map, then click on it to begin the ritual. This is where it gets tricky.. When the ritual begins, all players in the area will be notified and can see the undergoing altar on the map. At this time, you’ll have to hold on tight and fight waves of enemies (and possibly other players!) until it’s complete. Once transformed, the Red Dust will be bound to you, so there’s no worry of dying beyond this point.

It can be wise to scout around a bit before committing to a ritual. Since there are multiple Altars of Extraction, scope around, and try to choose one that’s further away from players you may have encountered along the way.

Vessel of Hatred

Slaying multiple players in PvP without dying will eventually make you the “Vessel of Hatred”. This effectively puts a bounty on your head as other players will be able to see you on the map! With this status you’ll be able to earn greater rewards by killing players.. But you’ll have a huge target on your back, so be careful!

PvP Vendors

There are a few different vendors where you can spend your Red Dust. Each vendor is located within the towns.

Gear Vendor

Diablo 4 pvp gear vendor

This is the PvP version of the Murmuring Obol vendor, allowing players to exchange Red Dust for random items of the chosen slot. Unfortunately, this is limited to the five armor slots, but is still a way to gamble for gear!

Scroll Vendor

Diablo 4 pvp scrolls

Here you can purchase Scrolls for use in PvP. These have no effect outside of the Fields of Hatred, so if you’re ultimately looking to progress further outside, there’s no real use for these. However, a 30% PvP damage reduction is nothing to scoff at, assuming you’re able to time it efficiently in battle.

Cosmetic Vendor

Diablo 4 pvp cosmetic vendor

Finally, we have the PvP cosmetics. These are rather expensive but are certainly a cool way to show off your PvP prowess. Given their cost, I’d suggest prioritizing gear first, then come back later and farm once you’re even stronger!

Tips and Tricks

  • If you’re truly looking for a PvP experience, I highly recommend bringing a group. There are no rules to stop other players from teaming up on you, so bring your own backup!
  • Be on guard when you approach the Seething Abomination, as there’s a good chance you’ll encounter other players.
  • If you aren’t already using a gap closer/escape/mobility skill, make sure you equip one!
  • Don’t overthink it. Diablo isn’t designed for PvP. It’s not balanced, and often won’t be fair. Either accept it for what it is or avoid the Fields of Hatred altogether.