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Deep Dive: Diablo 4’s Core Stats are OP

Core Stats are OP in Diablo 4

In this deep dive, we’ll take a look at what makes Diablo 4 core stats OP!

First of, understand that a level 100 Item will give you around +25 ALL STAT or +50 to STR/INT/DEX/WILL.

Let’s pretend we are Sorcerers and see how the two stats compare for us.

Here’s a quick look below in our chart:

diablo 4 core stats chart

First, let’s look at 50 INT vs 25 ALL STATS for Sorcerer:

50 INT = 5% Damage, 2.5% All Res

25 ALL STATS = 2.5% Damage, 1.25% All Res, 25 Armor, 2.5% Resource Generation, 2.5% Healing, 6% Overpower Damage, 0.6% Dodge, 0.5% crit chance.

It’s pretty close, the deciding factor would be whether you use Overpower or not.

Alternative Stats you could instead have (level 100 item):

  • 20% Damage to Vulnerable Enemies
  • 20% Crit Damage
  • 12.5% Damage Over Time
  • 18% Damage to Core Skills
  • 15% Damage Reduction from close enemies
  • 9% CDR

Both Offensive and Defensive stats are better than Core Stats but what most people don’t know is that you need Core Stats to hit Threshold in the Paragon Board.

What are the thresholds for?

You need a certain amount to activate Nodes in the Paragon tree. Otherwise, you only get a portion of the buffs.

thresholds to activate

260 Dexterity? That’s easy. WRONG! This is a Sorcerer Node.

Each class needs to have 3 Different Stats to unlock their Rare Nodes full potential, for Sorcerers it’s INT, DEX, WILL.

INT: Int requirements are always higher than Dex/Will

Rare Nodes go up in cost to around 590 on the 4th Paragon Board for INT and 450/460 for INT/WILL. More details on that later.

rare nodes go up

Is it worth investing a lot of stats just to get these bonuses?

glyph socket cropped

‘’+50% Bonus to all Rare nodes within range.’’

I think so, the bonuses on the Rare Nodes are good, but keep in mind that Glyphs can buff 2 Rare Nodes.<meaning you’re double-dipping the Rare Nodes around your Glyphs.

bonus to all rare nodes within range

How many Core Stats does a character have without gear?

Let’s say you are level 100 Sorcerer, without gear, just naked with Renown and stats from Lilith Statues..

  • INT= 489
  • WILL= 365
  • DEX = 368

Level 1 base stats + 1 All stat per level + Lilith Statues (+12 All Stat 1st region, 5 regions) + Paragon Nodes (subjective to your build).

How Rare Nodes cost increases in each new Paragon Board

  • 1st Paragon Board (160 DEX/WILL 200 INT) Rare Nodes cost
    • Only going to need All Stats as you level up
  • 2nd Paragon Board (260 DEX/WILL 350 INT) Rare Nodes cost
    • Only going to need All Stats as you level up
  • 3rd Paragon Board (360 DEX/WILL 460 INT) Rare Nodes cost
    • Only going to need All Stats as you level up
  • 4th Paragon Board (450 DEX/WILL 590 INT)
    • We would need 3 or 4 extra items with All Stats to activate these Nodes, At level 100 with full Lilith and Paragon Bonuses.
  • 5th Paragon Board (Unknown)
    • You can assume it would cost 100 or 130 extra, the cost would be silly at this point

Core Stats are only needed for 4th and 5th Paragon Board. Do I even have that many Paragon Points to get to the nodes?

The first question you should ask is if you have enough Paragon Points to take every rare node in 4 Paragon Boards – the answer: ALL but 2 Rare Nodes, so at least 4 Rare Nodes in your 4th Board.

2nd Option, the 5 Paragon Boards build

If we go 5 Paragon Boards (I personally don’t know builds that benefit much from 5 Legendary nodes, usually they don’t make sense after the 4th).

If we go for 5 Boards, you would take all Rare Nodes in your first 3 Boards, then just rush for the Legendary Node in board 4 and 5. Meaning we don’t need to have Core Stats on gear.


This is all my personal opinion and the devs can still change all of it, but what I like on paper is:

  • 3 or 4 Items with +All Stats (around 100 in total)
    • This will allow you to get extra bonuses from at least 4 Rare Nodes in the 4th Paragon Board. VERY GOOD VALUE.

So lastly, what are the best items to have All Stats on?

  1. Pants
    • They can’t roll CDR nor offensive mods, only non-core skill level and defensive stuff.
  2. Boots
    • Other than move speed there is nothing great you could be missing out on, making them a good choice for All Stats
  3. Helms
    • They have CDR and good cost-reduction mods
  4. Chests
    • Have low-scaling offensive mods BUT they have CDR. If you need CDR then I would get All Stats on Gloves if possible.
  5. Gloves
    • It’s true they can have +Ranks to Core skills and some Damage mods, but they lack a lot of other mods and their offensive mods besides Crit Dmg and Overpower aren’t great.
  6. Weapons
    •  Weapons have so many good offensive mods, I think you can always get 4 top tier Offensive ones, but if you get All Stats and 2 OP Damage mods on a really high Item Level, then you can roll your 4th and poor stat into a Damage one and call it a day.
  7. Amulets
    • Since Amulets can roll EVERYTHING, it’s probably the least worthwhile place to have All Stats.

Thanks for checking out our deep dive on Diablo 4 core stats! For more deep dives and other content check out our Diablo 4 blog.