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Diablo 4 Aspects and Codex of Power Explained

Navigating Aspects, Codex of Power, and Gear Slots in Diablo 4

In the universe of Diablo 4, Aspects hold the key to power, potential, and personalization.

They’re Broadly categorized into five pivotal areas: Offensive, Defensive, Utility, Mobility, and Resource.

Overall, Aspects are an integral part of your build. Each gear slot, whether it’s the chest, gloves, rings, etc., is designed to accommodate only Aspects of its designated categories.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you should know!

Decoding Item Slot Designations

The world of Diablo 4 assigns specific Aspect roles to each item slot. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Helm: Utility, Resource, Defensive
  • Chest: Utility, Defensive
  • Gloves: Offensive, Utility
  • Pants: Defensive
  • Boots: Mobility, Utility
  • Weapon: Offensive
  • Rings: Offensive, Resource
  • Amulets: Utility, Resources, Defensive, Mobility, Utility

Amulet: Jack of all Trades and Master of ALL

Consider the Amulet, the quintessential jack-of-all-trades. Unlike other items restricted to one, two, or three categories, the Amulet dons all five hats. It’s the ultimate embodiment of “I can be whatever I want,” capable of imprinting any type of Aspect.

relentless berserker's necklace

The Amulet’s versatility doesn’t end there. This powerhouse item boasts an additional 50% buff to any imprinted Aspect, positioning itself as a high-value asset in your inventory.

2h-Weapons: The Power of Pure Offense

Now let’s talk about 2-H weapons. These slot items are strictly Offensive. The sole purpose here? To strike down enemies with maximized damage. As a result, only Offensive Aspects can be imprinted onto them.

Additionally, Aspects in this slot receive an impressive 100% boost, making it the perfect spot for your highest-impact offensive Aspect.

Why the Extra Boost for Two-Handed Weapons and Amulets?

Two-Handed weapons and Amulets enjoy enhanced Aspect bonuses. The boost for Two-Handed weapons is intended to compensate for the disadvantage of having one less item, and hence, one less Aspect. As for Amulets, well, they’re just overpowered.

Aspect Extraction

Your journey toward mastering Aspects kicks off at level 25 with the initiation of a specific quest. Your guide through this journey? The Occultist.

These mysterious individuals, marked by an upside-down triangle with three circles at the corners on the map, guide you through the extraction process. Your first encounter with an Occultist is set in the city of Kyovashad, following the prologue.

extracting aspect

The Occultist helps you extract Aspects from your gear. However, exercise caution – extracted Aspects don’t find their way to the Codex of Power. Once used, they’re gone for good. Moreover, the Legendary item from which the Aspect was extracted is also obliterated in the process. This extraction process is a high-stakes game.

Ancestral and Sacred Aspects

If you extract aspects from normal Legendaries, you can’t put them on “Ancestral” level rare items. Only Ancestral aspects can go on Ancestral items. It’s a way for you to not find your BIS aspects early game.

If you want to know more about Items and Ancestral/Sacred gear check this out, it should answer all your questions

The Codex of Power

The Codex of Power, a crucial component of the Diablo 4 crafting system, is your ever-present repository for all earned Aspects from completing Dungeons, beware not all Dungeons provide one, and some might unlock aspects only usable by a different class.

No matter how many characters you play, your Aspects are always at your disposal after you unlocked once on your account.

The Codex categorizes Aspects based on class and item type, enabling efficient Aspect selection. However, remember that Aspects imprinted from the Codex roll out at the lowest possible value (just like stats, Aspects can roll different values). Despite the Codex serving as a great starting point, it’s not your end-game goal due to these lower values.

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