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5 More Diablo 4 Improvements We’d Like to See in Season 3

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5 More Changes We’d Like to See in Season 3

We’ve covered all the announced core mechanics for Season 3, but there are more Diablo 4 improvements we’d like to see.

The game has come a long way since the disappointment of Season 1 and it appears that Blizzard has continued to turn the game on the right track.

The five changes on our wishlist would go a long way in helping solve a lot of the still-existing problems.

1. Better Class Balance & Build Diversity

Unsurprisingly, one of the most significant changes the build creators at Mobalytics would like to see is a healthier class balance.

Especially between classes and the different builds each class has this season, particularly with Abattoir of Zir. It’s apparent that some classes were still far ahead of others, with only a few builds in each class just dominating the content while a large many builds are just left to wither, RIP Incinerate.

Abattoir of Zir this season puts things into perspective when builds like HoTA for Barbarian are crushing everything easily. In contrast, other Barbarian builds are barely able to compete.

hota gigaclap exampleThe same is readily apparent with other classes, especially Sorcerer when considering the undocumented changes to Ball Lightning at the start of the season. If these changes hadn’t happened, would any of its builds even be comparably relevant?

They’ve revealed the Season 3 class updates that will be there at launch, but time will tell how balanced it will be.

2. Loot Filters or Loot Changes

Another big one on the list, we imagine for everyone, is some sort of Loot Filter, or at the very least, a complete rebalancing of loot.

As it stands, we’re just currently showered with way too much loot, and a lot of it is just useless. There are many ways to fix this, but filters would be a great option.

Another method would be to increase the min of rolls across the board, making rolls on average roll better while eliminating useless stats and merging specific damage stats into something like “elemental damage”.

Whatever option they choose will take a significant weight off my shoulders when I finish a Dungeon.

3. Uber Uniques and Boss Diversity

This season was all about bosses, unique, and uber uniques; a great feature about bossing this season was the ability to target farm-specific uniques to obtain the item you needed with the stat rolls you wanted. This was easy as many bosses dropped different loot, making each loot table small. This made farming the bosses easy and efficient.


Unfortunately, it didn’t work out this way for Uber Uniques. The game heavily shifted into farming the same boss on repeat for certain Uber Uniques, further made worse by its list of Uber Uniques, reinforcing a repetitive and tedious grind.

The hope for Season 3 is the introduction of a few more Uber Unique tier bosses so that certain Uber Uniques can be targetted and farmed more efficiently, relieving some of the endless grind; my heart goes out to Sanctum and his Shako-less character.

4. Improved and Harder World Bosses

One of my favorite things to do in Diablo is world bosses; they’re fantastic, huge, unfortunately too few, and too easy to do.

We’re hoping a change they make going into Season 3 is a rebalance of world bosses, or at least the introduction of a few harder ones for more end-game-focused characters.

Such characters take time to complete but also are hard to do as they require you to play the boss and pass its mechanics.

Right now, it’s a somewhat unutilized portion of the game that could really shine.

5. Ground Effects and Abnormal Damage

Skeleton Corpsebow, the bain of Diablo 4, is unfortunately not Diablo, but the dreaded Corpsebow, the mob I only need reference for most of you to already know what this section is about.

skeleton corpse bow

Certain mechanics in Diablo 4 are so disproportionally balanced compared to everything around it that it creates a stark contrast and unmeasurable expectations when doing content. When you’re going from being perfectly fine to getting 100 to 0’d walking through a doorway, all that’s left is frustration and no way to easily overcome the obstacle because you’re either alive or not; there is no middle ground.

I’m not against mechanics that one hit the player, but they should be readable and recognizable to some degree. But right now, I think an attempt should be made to pull certain one-shot mechanics back to a reasonable range. There’s no reason I should be getting one shot by a Corpsebow off-screen. I don’t mind them being dangerous, but an excellent way to balance things like this is to simply cap the damage to a % of player HP, that way, there is at least some push and pull involved.

Many more changes would benefit Diablo 4, but these are definitely high on our list. Still, Season 2 has been a blast, and we are excited for what might come in Season 3.