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Dev Blog: Diablo 4 Roadmap and Updates (Seasons 1+2)

Dev Blog: Diablo 4 Roadmap and Updates (Seasons 1+2)

Hello Mobalytics Community!

I am Uthgar, one of the Founders of Mobalytics. Some of you may recognize me, but I’d like to share a little secret – I have been heavily involved in our exciting Diablo 4 project.

That means I am constantly scouring Discord, Reddit, and email for your valuable feedback, feature requests, and messages about Diablo! I am a HUGE aRPG player and an old man, so I have played everything from Diablo 1 and Sacred to Grim Dawn and Last Epoch.

Right now, I’ve gotten all D4 classes to 50 but I main a Barb because nothing beats having 4 weapons to bash people’s face in, and I am eagerly awaiting the next PoE league (huge fan). I can’t stress how much I love the genre and figuring out how to make fun builds based on the loot I get.

I am working closely with our team to craft a companion that aligns with my own gaming preferences and enhances my experience as a player. I am constantly checking in to see if that matches your thoughts and feedback and I’d like to take the time to address recent feedback and provide insights into the roadmap we’ve laid out for D4.

Our Goals for the Diablo 4 App

Before I dive into the feedback analysis and our roadmap I want to share the 3 main goals we have when making the app:

  1. Allow you to seamlessly play the game powered by the information you need to be awesome. This means as little ALT+TAB as possible.
  2. Giving you the information you might need at the perfect time for you to use it.
  3. Making sure we are in line with Game Dev’s vision for what the game should be and how it should be played. At Mobalytics, we respect what people work hard to create and do our best to help make the community a better place for everyone.

diablo 4 sorcerer build splash

Feedback Requests and Roadmap

Now let’s hop into some of the most prominent feedback we have been getting and where we are headed next.

Firstly, you’ve probably noticed our recent implementation of the Paragon Board within the overlay. It seems easy, but unfortunately, we didn’t really think through that piece of the puzzle when we built the first version of our app. That made it take more time than we would have liked to get it in there. This is an important piece in Goal #1 allowing you to seamlessly play the game without the constant need to ALT+TAB.

Second, if you are a builder, we already launched the ability to add stats to your builds seamlessly. This will help a ton of content creators get what they want across but also is a nice thing for people creating their own builds to copy.

altar of lillith splash

So, what’s on the horizon? The team is working hard all the time to get new stuff to you, but we are human and people get sick and take summer vacation so please be patient with us as we release new stuff. While some of the fixes might be behind the scenes, we’re diligently pushing updates – twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday – to refine the app continuously.

Our goal is to release everything below before Season 2. Let’s go through them one by one:

Builder Improvements

The enthusiasm people have shown for crafting your own builds caught us a bit off guard. We understand that builds showcased on the main app boast additional widgets and information. Our commitment is to level the playing field, empowering every user with the same tools to create builds. We already added the stats section and by the end of August, you should be able to customize your explanation boxes and layer your own guides.

Finding and Importing Creator Builds

Although we had importing created builds to the app in mind early on, we weren’t able to deliver it as fast as we wanted. To get to that point, we need to merge the two frameworks- the initial builds we debuted with are made in a different way and we need to consolidate the builds generated in the builder and by our content team. Once we do that, there will be many advantages.

The most prominent among them are:

  1. Interface improvements will apply to both. Malignant hearts and stat upgrades look better in the builder right now, and we want them to be the same.
  2. All builds will appear in the app instantly

We expect this tech merge to be done by Mid of September.

Shifting our focus to functionality, we recognize the current challenge in locating specific builds without a search or bookmark feature. Fear not, improvements are in the works. Look forward to updates after the September merge and before Season 2!

Right now the awesome creators on twitch and youtube are sharing builds and their profile. The profile is limited in functionality, but we will be buffing that up allowing creators to be searched and tier listing their own builds!

diablo 4 tier list end game splash

Final Words

As I mentioned before, all of this will happen before Season 2. There are also a few surprises we will let you experience, but, most importantly, we’re keenly attuned to your perspectives.

If you believe there’s an aspect we’ve missed or something that absolutely must be done first, please share your thoughts in our Discord server. After all, we build things we like to use and most of the time that lines up with what you want to use, but what you want to use is the more important half of that equation!

Thank you for your continued support, enthusiasm, and patience. May the monster density buffs make your demon slaying even more joyous!


PS: If you are taking a break, let us know what you are playing (I am currently playing a Paladin in BG3 as well!)