Destiny 2 Witch Queen Guide for Returning Players (The Witch Queen, 2022)

Destiny 2 Guide for Players Returning for Witch Queen

Welcome back to the next big chapter in the Destiny franchise. We all know that Destiny can be one of the most complex and overwhelming forever games to get into or even get back into.

Questions like: What weapons are still good? Should I keep my stuff or clean out my vault? What are the new systems that I have to learn? So many questions and they keep coming.

In this guide, we will try to help you figure out what to prioritize stress-free so you can focus on enjoying the game.

Let’s start with a few basics coming back that will help you answer the most pressing questions.

Wondering which Exotics to prioritize? Check out our Destiny 2 exotics tier list.

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Play the campaign!

It’s one of the best Destiny campaigns, and potentially any FPS campaign, because of its storytelling and great set pieces. Enjoy the ride and take it all in.

Try not to worry too much about the difficulty. If you are soloing, Legendary can be hard. Feel free to do Classic and go through the campaign.

Don’t stress about the rewards from Legend difficulty, they give you a full set of blue gear to get you up to 1525.

You finish the campaign at 1500, so it’s about a week’s worth of activities that will get you to 1525 pretty fast. The exotic Legendary reward is a little bugged too.

All gear has been upgraded to 1350

Literally every item you have has been bumped to this the new Item level floor of the game. Just to put it into context, it’s higher than last season’s cap.

Expansions are great for a fresh start and switching mains, so now’s your chance!

You also miss out on some upgrade modules (but most returning players should be at the cap). You can always come back and do the Legendary campaign though!

Equip all higher-level items as you go through the campaign. If, like many returning players, you are capped on upgrade modules, feel free to feed your favorite weapon item levels to keep using it.

Or, you can just let them accrue at the post, but if you have a season pass you will get plenty of modules.

Again, it’s a really awesome campaign so enjoy and play around with the new weapons.

destiny returning1

Now it’s back to Destiny basics

If you are a returning destiny player, you know what I am talking about. Do the weeklies, Xur, and make sure you are minding the pinnacle vs powerful reward collection order.

FYI the soft cap is 1500, the powerful cap is 1550, and the hard cap is 1560.

Xur is no swelling Hawkmoon and Dead Man’s Tale every week with different rolls too.

Use your new Void Subclass

destiny void

Bungie reworked the Void class and the choices available to you are interesting. There’s a ton to experiment with.

As a Warlock, you have so many interesting ways to trigger devour, plus a lot of the options are fresh and never seen before.

Set up cross-play accounts if you haven’t

Depending on how long you have been out of the Destiny loop, Destiny is now cross-play so make sure you set up your account to accommodate it if you have that option available to you.

Run the new seasonal activity- the Psi-Ops battleground

It’s a fun activity where you fight a ton of Hive – what’s not to like? Oh, and the rewards are quick to farm early on.

During the campaign, they will introduce you to the basics of crafting

destiny crafting

Just try and take it in for face value, and don’t worry about making mistakes. Nothing you do is permanent, and you will have PLENTY of time to dive deeper into crafting later.

Try and use every gun you pick up in the campaign and extract the essence. This is by no means mandatory as you can get the weapons later, but it allows you to save and craft that weapon type later.

Craft your Osteo Striga

If you are a Deluxe Edition owner, you will be able to get this sweet gun after the campaign. It’s a little bit of a pain, but you should totally do it.

If you aren’t a Deluxe Edition player, then you will have to wait till the end of the season to get this gun. Sorry 🙁

Work through your Fynch reputation

You will meet this hive ghost during your campaign. As with every seasonal reputation holder, grinding this out will unlock more and more options as the season progresses.

You will also unlock more rewards like Enhancement Cores, Upgrade Modules, Deepsight upgrades, and other stuff to claim.

At lv 13 Fynch u unlock replayable campaign missions that work like vanguard nightfalls.

You get two golden stars from this:one for completing the mission and one for scoring 100k.

Use the new Glaive weapon

witch queen glaive 1

The new glaive is a ton of fun and packs a powerful punch. You can cleave through hordes and continually gain exp and upgrade the weapon.

Its ranged fire packs a punch and it even has a handy shield to deflect enemy fire.

It gets even more powerful as you upgrade and level it during the campaign.

Play around with the new seasonal mods

Say goodbye to last season’s fusion rifle dominance and say hello to suppression.

Some notable mods to look at in the artifact tree are suppressing glaive and devouring depths.

Void is the season flavor, so look at mods like well of tenacity and volatile flow which build on that.

Get new exotics and have fun!

Continue to build your exotics collection. I recommend the season pass to help you build fast. It’s always a good value for its cost.

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