10 Best Weapons to Craft Before The Final Shape – Destiny 2

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Top 10 Weapons to Craft Before The Final Shape

There are plenty of great weapons in the pool that can be crafted. When The Final Shape drops, it is highly likely many of the best weapons won’t be available to obtain or craft. This article will go over the best weapons to prioritize your resources and time to craft for The Final Shape. The weapons on this list will be of varying weapon types to avoid overlap to balance and round out your arsenal.

10 – Doomed Petitioner

Doomed Petitioner

Why? – This is an easy to acquire 3 round burst Linear Fusion Rifle. Despite Rocket Launchers being the top DPS option, this weapon does compete in terms of DPS. If there are any slight balance changes with Rockets or LFRs, this weapon can easily become a top DPS option in the game.

Recommended Perks – In the second column you should always go for Accelerated Coils. The two main perks are up to preference. Reconstruction or Envious Assassin are the two options in the third column for circumventing reloads. For the damage perk, Surrounded has the highest bonus but has slightly more difficult activation criteria. Precision Instrument is the more straightforward damage perk as it scales based on hitting headshots. It also has the benefit of increasing the counter for each shot in the 3 round burst.

doomed petitioner roll

9 – Rufus’s Fury

rufus's fury

Why? – This auto synergizes very well with the Strand subclass. It also has many solid perks, giving the user many good perk combos based on play preference

Recommended Perks – In the first main perk slot there are 3 good options. Demolitionist, Reconstruction, and Rewind Rounds. Demolitionist is best for grenade builds. Meanwhile, Reconstruction and Rewind Rounds are for circumventing reloads. If you are mostly using the weapon, Rewind Rounds is the choice. If you are swapping weapons, Reconstruction is the choice. The second column has Frenzy and Paracausal Affinity for damage. Paracausal Affinity has a higher damage bonus, but Frenzy has the reload speed bonus which makes it a good option with Demolitionist. For Threadling builds, Hatchling is a very viable option as well.

rufus's roll

8 – Appetence


Why? – It is a very unique weapon in that it is a kinetic slot Trace Rifle. Aside from being unique, it is a solid option due to its perks.

Recommended PerksKilling Tally is best in the final slot. This perk can be continually kept up by using Overflow in the other column. Picking up ammo will auto-load the mag over max and will allow Killing Tally to persist as it is ended by reloading or storing the weapon.

appetence roll

7 – Swordbreaker


Why? – This shotgun has access to One-Two Punch which is a staple of melee-based builds.

Recommended Perks – This weapon is great for One-Two Punch to further increase melee damage. The other perk that pairs very well with it is Slideshot. Shotguns have very slow reload speeds, and this perk allows you to get around that simply by sliding.

swordbreaker roll

6 – Subjunctive


Why? – SMGs are good and this SMG has access to Voltshot. Easy enough.

Recommended Perks – No surprise that Voltshot is a must-have perk on this weapon. The other primary perk is best with Threat Detector because it gives increased reload speed. Voltshot is activated after reloading, making this bonus reload speed great for activating the perk. Subsistence is a good perk, but does not synergize as well with Voltshot.

subjunctive roll

5 – Zaouli’s Bane

zaouli's bane

Why? – Hand cannons are in a very good spot right now. This one has access to two very strong perks and is a good replacement for Sunshot if you are using another exotic.

Recommended Perks – The two primary perks are Incandescent and Explosive Payload. Spreading Scorch is fantastic for solar builds and wave clear in general. Explosive Payload also offers a flat damage bonus with no activation criteria whatsoever. This roll is very easy to use as you don’t have to play around its perks and

zaouli's roll

4 – The Supremacy


Why? – Snipers are a good secondary means of DPS. They also perform well across all content, especially in content where you need to keep your distance. There are a lot of strong and unique rolls this weapon has access to.

Recommended Perks – The first column of perks is pretty easy to make a decision. Rewind Rounds is typically the best to continue firing. This perk refunds based on the number of shots hit. So if it is paired with Fourth Time’s the Charm, this weapon can essentially fire indefinitely if you hit your shots. If going for this combination, use Appended Mag to further enhance magazine size. An alternative to Fourth Time’s the Charm is Kinetic Tremors. This perk is to supplement damage as it will activate the perk quite often with the fast fire rate of the weapon. This option is best used if you only want to use the weapon for a short burst of damage and swap off the weapon for another once it needs to be reloaded.

supremacy roll

3 – Scatter Signal

scatter signal

Why? – Fusion Rifles are a good secondary DPS option as well as a strong weapon for clearing out mid-tier enemies. Scatter Signal has access to the best Fusion Rifle perk combo and is easily obtainable.

Recommended PerksControlled Burst is a fantastic perk for DPS with a Fusion Rifle. It increases damage and quickens the charge rate with landing your shot being the only activation criterion.

scatter signal roll

2 – Forbearance


Why? – A unique set of perks and a great archetype that has put this weapon on the very top of PvE since its release.

Recommended Perks – The main roll to look for on this weapon is the combination of Ambitious Assassin and Chain Reaction. The first perk allows the magazine to be larger when getting kills, allowing for far more output of the weapon and not being tied to constant reloads. The second perk creates explosions on kills, which will frequently score extra kills and deal extra damage to higher health enemies. This is the best roll for the weapon, but Unrelenting is a solid alternative for the healing aspect.

forbearance roll

1 – Apex Predator

apex predator

Why? – Rocket Launchers are the top DPS option and this weapon has all of the best rocket perks. This allows it to be used in different ways. It can be set up to be as easy to use as possible and still output great numbers for new players. It can also be set up to min-max damage with tough-to-master mechanics.

Recommended Perks – When using Rockets be sure to use Impact Casing. This gives a straight damage buff other magazines do not. The first perk column is best with Reconstruction the bast majority of scenarios. It allows the Rocket to passively reload while using other weapons. This also gives time to set up Bait and Switch. The small subset of scenarios in which Reconstruction is not the best is with Slideshot. This technically has the highest DPS potential but is difficult to pull off. You can fire all of the weapon’s reserves by just sliding. You need high sensitivity to quickly slide and work well with a team to avoid having them hit you with one of their rockets. Then if a player is not comfortable using other weapons and swapping, Explosive Light can be used for simplicity.

apex roll

In conclusion

With the longer season, you have plenty of time to collect patterns. Good luck bolstering your arsenal for the final shape!