5 Best Legendary Grenade Launchers in Destiny 2

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Top 5 Legendary Grenade Launchers in Destiny 2

Grenade Launchers have a wide array of options as they consist of both Breech loaded, special ammo grenade launchers as well as heavy ammo grenade launchers.

Both have various options and different uses. This class of weapons is good for both ad clear and boss damage.

This article will go through the top 5 grenade launchers to look for in the game, what makes them so good, what perks to look for, and how to acquire them.

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5 – Wendigo GL3


Why? – This weapon has almost every single perk you want for DPS and/or high burst damage.

Recommended Perks – There are quite a few ways you can utilize the perks on this weapon. The damage perks to look for are Explosive Light or Cascade Point. The reload/ammo perks to look for are Clown Cartridge, Auto-Loading Holster, or Field Prep. The weapon is typically best for DPS burst and the length of that burst can be very short with Cascade Point or a little elongated with Explosive Light. Either way, having a good secondary weapon for DPS is good to have.

wendigo roll

How to Get – Wendigo is not in the current season nightfall rotation, but rolls can be obtained from Zavala if previously unlocked.

Explosive Personality

explosive personality

Why? – Wave Frame grenade launchers are at the forefront of the meta. This one has access to Auto-Loading Holster. This alone makes it a great option for PvP and PvE.

Recommended Perks – For both PvP and PvE Auto-Loading Holster is a go-to perk. On the PvE Frenzy or One For All are the best damage perks. Frenzy is the preferred of the two as it is very easy to activate and keep active as it continue even when the weapon is stowed. One For All has the benefit of the increased  damage bonus, but it doesn’t synergize as well with Auto-Loading Holster. Feeding Frenzy is a good option to pair with One For All.

For PvP Disruption Break is the best option in the 4th column. This is because the weapon doesn’t one shot kill, but it breaks shields. This allows you to clean up a kill with increased kinetic damage after tagging an enemy with the initial shot.

exploive personality roll

How to Get – Vox Obscura weekly rotation mission.

3 – Cataphract GL3


Why? – Bait and Switch… That is all. It has access to one of the best perks in the game. Burst damage is what Heavy grenade launchers are best at and Bait and Switch leans into this identity very well.

Recommended Perks – No surprise here, but Bait and Switch is the recommended damage perk in column 4. Cascade Point is an alternative option in this column which pairs very well with Envious Assassin. In the 3rd column Auto-Loading Holster is the recommended perk. This pairs very well with Bait and Switch as you shoot all of your shots then utilize other weapons while waiting for the auto-reload. Other options in this 3rd column are Field Prep and Envious Assassin. Field Prep is a universally good perk and works in all ways to use this weapon because of the increased ammo and reload speed. Meanwhile Envious Assassin is good to use with Cascade Point or when planning to only get in one rotation with Bait and Switch where no reload is needed and the larger magazine allows for more Bait and Switch shots.

cataphract roll

How to Get – Trials of Osiris.

2 – New Pacific Epitaph

new pacific epitaph

Why? – This is the first Wave Frame in the kinetic slot. This opens up a lot of build options in using a lot of the strong energy slot primaries in the game. Aside from that there are a lot of strong perks this weapon has access to.

Recommended Perks – There are quite a few options in the 3rd column that are based on preference. Demolitionist, Lead from Gold, and Unrelenting are all of those options. For grenade heavy builds, Demolitionist is a great option for the free reload and grenade energy. Lead from Gold is a solid all around option for ammo economy, especially when running two special weapons. Unrelenting is a safer option due to the healing the perk provides.

The 4th column also has 3 good options. Kill Clip is the most simple when using this weapon repeatedly by shooting then reloading. Adrenaline Junkie is a good way to build up a higher damage bonus and pairs very well with Demolitionist. Lastly the recommended perk of column 4 is Redirection. This perk increases damage to yellow bar enemies and higher based on damaging red bar enemies. It can give up to 4 shots in a row of double damage to these higher tier enemies. The weapon kills red bar enemies in 1 shot in most content regardless, so other damage perks aren’t as useful. Meanwhile with Redirection, red bar enemies will still die in 1 shot, but higher tier enemies will take far more damage.

new pacific epitaph roll

How to Get – Ghosts of the Deep dungeon, first or final encounters.

1 – Forbearance


Why? – A unique set of perks and a great archetype that has put this weapon on the very top of PvE since its release.

Recommended Perks – The main roll to look for on this weapon is the combination of Ambitious Assassin and Chain Reaction. The first perk allows the magazine to be larger when getting kills, allowing for far more output of the weapon and not being tied to constant reloads. The second perk creates explosions on kills, which will frequently score extra kills and deal extra damage to higher health enemies. This is the best roll for the weapon, but Unrelenting and One for All are solid alternative options.

forbearance roll

How to Get – Vow of the Disciple raid, 2nd and 4th encounters.


Wave Frame grenade launchers are at the forefront of the meta. Look for these as they are a great weapon to have in all content. Heavy Grenade launchers aren’t at the top of the DPS meta, but are a good burst damage tool. As grenade and rocket launchers get more tuning and potential rocket nerfs, grenade launchers can find themselves at the top. So be sure to snag some a good heavy grenade launcher as these have the potential to be the best DPS option.