Destiny 2: Dread Faction Guide – The Final Shape

Destiny 2: The Dread Faction Guide

Since the Scorn were introduced in 2018, Bungie has not added a new enemy faction to Destiny 2, except Tormentors. However, this long wait is about to end on June 4th with the introduction of the Dread.

This is a significant event in the Destiny 2 universe, as it marks the arrival of a formidable new enemy faction. The Final Shape will introduce the rest of the Dread faction, including some alarming new enemies.

Bungie has already shown us Subjugators, but until recently, it wasn’t common knowledge that there would be two different types. Fear not, because we’ll provide you with all the information on the Dread right here.

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Omen & Attendants

omen and attendants

Prepare yourselves, Guardians, for the Omen and the Attendants, the new adversaries wielding the chilling power of Stasis! The Omen, one of the two Subjugators, was initially introduced as a support unit, and is a formidable force at the rear of the battle, freezing you at every opportunity.

The Omen’s smaller counterparts, the Attendants, are seemingly corrupted psions, but don’t be deceived by their size; they’re equally capable of slowing and freezing you. The most important thing to note is that Omens will send out waves of stasis crystals. Shortly after doing this, they’ll send out a wave of energy that shatters said crystals.

Be wary of your positioning, as in harder content the shatter damage will likely one-shot you! Some Omens can be suspended and frozen, so use that to your advantage!

Harbingers & Weavers

Harbingers & Weavers

As we face the Harbinger, another Subjugator in The Final Shape, we must remember the power of strategy. Your tactical decisions, Guardians, will be the deciding factor in these battles against new enemies. Like the Omen, this enemy is likely to be found towards the rear of the battle, ready to Suspend you.

To counter this, it’s vital to dispatch them as quickly as possible. Like Omens, a good amount of Harbingers can also be suspended themselves or be frozen. Be very mindful of when they activate their “Super”. They can send out 3 suspending waves, and upon suspending you, will start unloading shots on you!

In harder content, this will most certainly cost you the run. Weavers also can be a royal nuisance. They aren’t the worst things in the world, but they can however grapple you.

They will send out a “rope” of strand, and yank you across the map! In harder content, this also can easily cost you the run of whatever you’re currently doing. These guys are generally pretty weak, so it would be wise to handle them first and quickly!

The Husk

the husk

The Husk is a new enemy that was introduced in The Final Shape. This new enemy can give Guardians a run for their money. It’s a bruiser, meaning it’s packing both strength and agility.

It has a sword in each hand and does a lot of acrobatics, allowing it to chase the player down quickly. Fighting a Husk is quite the ordeal as players need to target their weak spot and finish it before another enemy, a Geist, pops out of its chest. The Geist resembles a flying worm and will immediately begin hunting the player down once it appears.

Be mindful of the fact that the Geist will run you down and explode on you if given a chance! The Husk is a combo of pure strength and skill and a potential secondary enemy, making it quite the task to take it down. These enemies hurt in high-end content so try and keep your distance!

The Grim

the grim

In the subsequent expansion of Destiny 2, The Final Shape, we have encountered a new brutal enemy as Guardians. This enemy called The Grim, can fly and shoot simultaneously, offering players an exciting and perhaps tricky experience.

In Destiny 2, we see some unusual shapes of enemies, but the developers go a bit further this time. The Grim has real wings, so it can fly freely around the map and unleash its machine gun on unfortunate Guardians. But the most exciting and scary ability of this enemy is its screech. When The Grim’s screech hits a Guardian, they will be given a status called Tinnitus, and it’s the darkness equivalent of Suppression.

This disadvantage can significantly reduce the player’s contribution to the fireteam and easily get you killed in harder activities. Therefore, it will be imperative to eliminate this enemy as quickly as possible. Since The Grim can attack during the entire combat disability of Guardians, this enemy can be considered quite dangerous.

During the battle, players should focus on eliminating these enemies before they cause harm and suppress everyone with their screams. Jolting them or making them volatile is huge when fighting Grim, as they usually appear in groups!