Destiny 2: Solstice Guide 2022

2022 Solstice Guide

Summer is here which means it’s time for Solstice.

This year’s event works differently from years past. There are plenty of cosmetic rewards to be earned, most notably the glowing ornament armor sets, but there are also gameplay advantages to this armor.

This armor can have its stats rerolled. This means you can change individual stats to curate your armor for the cooldowns and stats you want.

Not only that, but if you are very into armor stats this armor gets around the “stat bucket” conundrum in which the top 3 stats (Mobility, Resilience, and Recovery) or bottom 3 stats (Intellect, Discipline, and Strength) can go beyond their max combination with the use of a ghost mod.

That last bit is only for those hardcore min-maxers, but nonetheless, this armor looks great and can roll high stats without getting too deep into the weeds.

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What’s an annual event without new currencies to learn and keep track of?

The 3 Solstice currencies are Silver Leaves, Silver Ash, and Kindle. Silver Leaves and Silver Ash are related to one another but have no relation to the premium Silver currency which is used at the Eververse Store.

2022 Solstice Guide

Silver Leaves are earned doing any event with Solstice armor on; Crucible games, Strikes, Story Missions, etc. Silver Leaves are converted into Silver Ash via the Bonfire Bash activity.

Silver Ash is used to upgrade armor for its stat rolling capabilities with 120 Silver Ash needed to fully upgrade a piece of armor. Kindle is the currency used for the glows on the armor. To upgrade a piece for the glow to be active, 6 Kindles are needed.

Class Items do not need Kindle and there are 24 challenges in which Kindle is earned as you need a total of 24 Kindles to fully upgrade all armor to glow.

These challenges can be found in your directory and include challenges such as guardian defeats in crucible to Hand Cannon kills in any activity.

It is important to know that challenges and currency are on a per-character basis and are not shared across characters.

Bonfire Bash

The Solstice-specific activity is Bonfire Bash which is in the EDZ area where past Solstice activities took place in.

There is a bit of a change to it in which you stoke a flame using orbs dropped from marked enemies called Ignition Carriers this year.

Throw these orbs into the fire to increase your counter. Once 8 minutes have passed or the counter hits 20, a boss will spawn in.

2022 Solstice Guide (2)

The number your counter is at correlates with the number of Silver Leaves that are converted into usable Silver Ash, so be sure to try to reach 20 every run.

It is also very important to note that you must have one piece of Solstice armor equipped for the entire time of the activity or you will not receive rewards.

Tips and Tricks

There are some things you can do to be a little more efficient with getting the armor that you want from this activity.

2022 Solstice Guide (3)

  • Take note of the event challenges as they can be completed in tandem. Such as strike completions and shotgun kills.
  • These challenges can be found in-game next to the seasonal challenges. The fastest way to get Silver Leaves is through the Investigation mission on classic difficulty. The final checkpoint after you beat the boss and before you meet Finch can be traded amongst characters in which you can get 12-14 Silver Leaves every couple of minutes. This requires other people, but the very nice thing about this is that you can swap from character to character to earn Silver Leaves across multiple characters very quickly.
  • When depositing the orbs into the Bonfire, a charged melee can be used while holding the orb. If the charged melee hits the bonfire, then it counts as a deposited orb but doesn’t actually use the orb in your hand allowing you to double dip on the orb. As of the writing of this article, this is yet to be patched, but can be hotfixed during the event.
  • When you spend Silver Ash to re-roll your armor for one 20+ stat, be sure to use a ghost mod for another stat you want on it so you get at least 10 points allotted to your other desired stat.


Even if grinding for stats isn’t your thing, the armor does look great and is a good set to use for armor ornaments. And if you like grinding for stats… well get to it!

Because this is the only set that can circumvent the stat bucket distributions. Good luck!

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