Season of the Seraph Override Frequency Locations

Season of the Seraph Override Frequency Locations

In Season of the Seraph Resonate Stems are a currency which help you unlock the reprised Ikelos weapons. Gather Resonate Stems via the Heist Battlegrounds activity or any of the core playlists (Crucible, Strikes, Gambit).

4 Resonate Stems can be combined on the Resonance Amp in your inventory to create an Override Frequency which will have a hint for a Warmind Node location which will emit the Override Frequency just created. All you have to do is go to that location, interact with the Warmind Node, and get your loot.

Here we have a short guide on the 12 nodes which are currently available as the final 4 are not yet able to be unlocked.

Circled in green is the starting point, and circled in red is the Warmind Node location with an accompanying GIF.

Moon (Luna) Locations

Luna – Hellmouth – Outcrop – Alcove

luna hellmouth outcrop alcove map

  • Spawn in at Sorrow’s Harbor
  • Head south to the lane going towards the Hellmouth
  • You will be on a large ledge, head off this ledge revealing an alcove under the ledge
  • The node is through a doorway in the northern part of the alcove

Luna – Archer – Crevasse – Crash

lunar archer crevvasse crash map

  • Spawn in at Sanctuary
  • Head west to the lane leading towards Archer’s Line
  • Follow along the fault line that runs northwest through Archer’s Line
  • As the fault line opens wider, the node will be on a ledge in the fault line

Luna – Archer – Dome – Catwalk

luna archer dome catwalk map

  • Spawn in at Sanctuary
  • Head west to the lane towards Archer’s Line
  • Keep heading north along the path with the tire tracks until you see a dome
  • Go into the dome, and the node is above to the left on a catwalk

Luna – Sanctuary – Stage – Backdrop

luna sanctuary stage backdrop map

  • Spawn in at Sanctuary
  • Walk towards Eris
  • The node is on a ledge behind Eris off the cliff edge

Luna – Anchor – Tower – Rotunda

luna anchor tower rotunda map

  • Spawn in at Sanctuary
  • Head east to the lane to Anchor of Light
  • Continue heading north until you see a round dome structure above a crevasse
  • Head into this structure and the node is on the south side of the inside

Luna – Sorrow – Altar – Recess

luna sorry altar recess map

    • Spawn in at Sorrow’s Harbor
    • Head east along the lower right portions of the entrance ways to the large tower
    • After passing the large plate in the open, look for a cave to the north under the red entrance ways that lead to the tower
      In the cave, take a right and you’ll find the node

Europa Locations

Europa – Eventide – Dome – Catwalk

Europa Eventide Dome Catwalk map

  • Spawn in at Eventide Ruins
  • Immediately turn left to head West towards an ice cave
  • There is a catwalk along the upper portions of this cave, hop up there
  • The node is on the end of this catwalk on the south side

Europa – Ridge – Road – Ledge

europa ridge road ledge map

  • Spawn in at Caron’s Crossing
  • Head north along the path towards Cadmus Ridge
  • Just as your HUD says you entered Cadmus Ridge, look along the left side of the road for spikes that line the road
  • The node is on a ledge off the left side of the road below the final set of spikes

Europa – Beyond – Cliff – Landing

europa beyond cliff landing map

  • Spawn in at Beyond
  • Head east past Elsie and follow along the large ice wall
  • Once the ice wall ends, jump across the chasm to another pathway
  • Follow the linear pathways all the way to the end
  • The node will be sitting on the top of a ledge at the very end of the pathway

Europa – Eventide – Cliff – Refuge

europa eventide cliff refuge map

  • Spawn in at Eventide Ruins
  • Immediately turn right to head east towards the edge of the map
  • Hop off onto a cliff ledge below and behind a large rock
  • Under the large rock is a cave that runs under the map, the node is in this cave to the left

Europa – Crossing – Outpost – Wall

europa crossing outpost wall map

  • Spawn in at Charon’s Crossing
  • At the front right side of the building Varik’s is in there is a broken wall off the cliff edge
  • Jump down to this ledge and the node is on the southern portion of the wall towards spawn

Europa – Abyss – Fissure – Construct

europa abyss fissure construct map

  • Spawn in at Charon’s Crossing
  • Head northeast to the path towards Asterion Abyss
  • At the entry of Asterion Abyss there will be a large structure that creates a large arch
  • Head towards the northern portion of this structure at the further end of the area
  • On the left side of where the structure meets the ground there is a small sunken inlet where the node is

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