Destiny 2 – King’s Fall: Daughters of Oryx Guide

King’s Fall: Daughters of Oryx

The Daughters are a boss fight that is the precursor to the final fight against Oryx.

The mechanics of this fight gives insight into the final fight with some very similar mechanics.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know from loadouts to tips and tricks.

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The Mechanics

King's Fall: Daughters of Oryx

This encounter has two bosses your team must defeat. The team should separate into two groups of 3, a bottom group responsible for plates L1 and R1, and a top group responsible for L2 and R2.

Within each group one player will take the left plate, one player will take the right plate, and the third player will be a floater who can substitute for one of the other players if needed. This encounter can be broken down into two phases, Brand collecting and damage. The Brand collecting and damage phases have a combined 2 minutes in which it can be completed.

The Brand collecting phase comes first. 3 pieces of the Brand must be collected, only a player who is Taken can claim a piece of the Brand. One of the six players on the fireteam is selected at random to be taken.

If the player who is Taken dies, a new player becomes Taken at random. If a player who is designated to a plate becomes Taken, the floater needs to take over their plate. As a player randomly becomes Taken, one of the four Activation Plates become lit up in green. The player who is designated to the plate that lights up should then stand on the plate.

The player who is Taken should also go on top of this plate. Any player standing on this plate will see a piece of the Brand floating in the sky above another Activation Plate. The plate in which the Brand is floating above needs to be stood on by that plate’s respective player.

Once both Activation Plates are stood upon the Taken Realm Platforms will form in the air for the Taken player to jump across to grab the Brand. Once the Taken player grabs the piece of the Brand, both the players on the plates can step off.

A new Activation Plate will light up and a new player will become Taken. This process will occur 3 times to fully build the Brand, and after the third is when the damage phase begins. 

To initiate the damage phase, the player who grabbed the third piece of the Brand to fully build it will jump toward one of the Daughters, and hold their interact key to steal the shield from one of the Daughters. This will then make the Daughter without a shield vulnerable to damage, and those in the shield invulnerable.

The best spot to deal damage is on the ledge underneath the Daughter that is not being targeted. The team can damage the Daughter without a shield until the 2-minute timer expires.

Once this timer expires the team will need to repeat the process. Be sure to stand in the Aura Shield as the time expires because an explosion through the arena will kill any player, not in the shield.

It should be the team’s goal to only do two cycles of this encounter, and defeat a Daughter during each cycle. It is important to know that if you defeat a Daughter on one cycle, the next cycle the other Daughter needs to be defeated as well, if not the team will be wiped.

To summarize, the order of actions the team will perform are:

  1. A player gets Taken at random.
  2. An Activation Plate is lit up at Random.
  3. The Taken player and the player assigned to the lit up plate go to stand on the lit up plate.
  4. Whichever player gets to the plate first looks for the floating Brand piece, and calls which plate it is floating over.
  5. The player assigned to the plate under the Brand piece stands on their Activation Plate.
  6. The Taken player will jump across the Taken Realm Platforms to collect the Brand piece.
  7. Repeat steps 2 through 6, two more times to collect 3 Brand pieces in total.
  8. The player who collects the third Brand steals the shield from one of the Daughters.
  9. The team groups towards this player to damage the Daughter without the shield.
  10. Once damage is complete, stay in the stolen shield until after the arena-wide explosion is over.
  11. Repeat

Tips and Tricks

  • During the damage phase when you are in the stolen shield you cannot take damage. This makes Touch of Malice a great option to use if you are lucky enough to have it.
  • The crit spot of the Daughters is very tiny, this makes Divinity even stronger as it expands the crit spot.
  • As the third player is taking the final piece of the Brand, the 3 players who are not Taken nor standing on a plate can move towards where damage will be taking place to increase the amount of time they can deal damage.

  • The Taken player should call out as they are grabbing the piece of the brand, and the players on the Activation Plates should step off as the next plate will be delayed if a player is standing on an incorrect plate as the new one is selected.
  • Taken snipers spawn on the 4 ledges in the air on the outside of the arena. These are a primary enemy to prioritize during the Brand collection phase as they deal heavy damage.
  • Be sure to check your Activation Plate for the green light after a Brand is collected to continue seamlessly.


Here is a list of recommended options:

  • Primary:
    • Touch of Malice
    • Any primary 
  • Secondary
    • Izinagi’s Burden
    • Damage dealing sniper
  • Power
    • Linear Fusion Rifle
    • Gjallarhorn + Rocket Launchers
  • Subclasses
    • Well of Radiance
      • Use during the damage phase for the damage buff.
    • Thundercrash
      • This super can be used as the player who is stealing the shield grabs it from the Daughter. After the super is used, run with the player with the shield to the area damage is taking place from.
    • Blade Barrage
      • Use Star Eater Scales with this super for a burst damage super.

Challenge Mode

The challenge for this encounter is to not stand on the same Activation Plate more than once during the entirety of the 2 minutes brand collection + damage phase. This challenge does require some on-the-fly adjustments, it’s just a matter of you and your team planning for it to not waste any time. The easiest way to do this challenge is to rotate plates systematically after each piece of the Brand is collected.

First, assign 4 players to a plate. Once the first Brand piece is collected, the 4 plate players will rotate clockwise.

  • So if you were on R1 you will go to L1 for the next Brand piece, if you were on L1 you will go to L2, L2 to R2, and R2 to R1. 2 floaters will still be assigned. It is very important to note that the 2 floaters will be responsible for top or bottom.
  • This is because it significantly reduces the odds the floater will have to go to the same platform twice. If the first floater covers L1, have the second floater pick up L1 if it comes up again. The only time this system will not work is if the player on the same plate becomes Taken all 3 rounds, and that specific plate is in the sequence all 3 times.
  • There is a 0.2% chance of this happening, so you should be fine… but if this rare occurrence does come up someone on another plate will have to fill in, and a floater will replace that plate if needed. 

Another way to do this challenge is to not assign any plates whatsoever after the first Brand. For the second and third Brands the team will wait in the middle of the arena on the platforms you will do damage from to get a view of the plates.

  • Once the first plate lights up, a player will claim it who has yet to stand on that plate. This player or the taken player will then call out the next plate, and one of the remaining 4 players will do the same. 

Loot Table

  • Smite of Merain
    • Kinetic Pulse Rifle
  • Zaouli’s Bane
    • Solar Hand Cannon
  • Defiance of Yasmin
    • Kinetic Sniper Rifle
  • Gauntlets Armor
  • Chest Armor

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