Destiny 2 Guide: How to Get Vexcalibur Exotic Glaive

Vexcalibur Guide: Destiny 2 Exotic Glaive

With the weekly reset of March 7th, a new exotic quest was released. The exotic has a mission involved which must be activated.

To start the quest, go to the Gulch in the EDZ. In this area there are 6 Vex nodes marked by green circles on the map below.

Each node must be collected within 30 seconds of one another. Once these 6 nodes are collected, a cave will open up that will be the mission’s starting point.

The cave’s entry is indicated by the red circle.

vexcalibur map

Mission Tips (Spoilers Ahead)

The mission involves various puzzles and pathfinding. Below will be tips and tricks for getting through the quest. Here are tips and tricks for advancing the mission.

Initial Room

The first area is a loop and in the flowing river area to the sides will be a small slit in the wall which is the pathway to the next mission area.

Code Entry

The next area once the Vex Network is entered is to perform a sequence of entering Access Codes. In each subsection there will be columns that a Pyramid, Diamond, and Box will surround. In the nearby area the order of the code will be displayed in various locations.

To progress, shoot the shapes in the order that the code presents from top to bottom. There are two sequences of entering 3 codes in this section. After this there is some linear jumping to the next section.

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Corrupted Data Management

This section consists of collecting data fragments from headless vex enemies called Dataholders, depositing them in the central portion of the arena and hiding in the hole that is opened up underneath before the time runs out. This sequence is done a couple times with intermissions of boss damage throughout.

Some tips for this area is to stick to the outside of the room and to kill the Dataholders. Then run through the middle where all of the data fragments drop, deposit them, and go down into the safe hole as quickly as possible. Enemies will peer over the edge of the hole. Position yourself in the hole to avoid Hobgoblin snipers and take out the enemies on the edge shooting down at you.

vecalibur stats


The final fight. Brakion is divided into 3 subsections based on health remaining. The first portion is straightforward and is a standard fight.

The second portion will require you to enter the same ordered codes. To unlock a damage phase. This damage phase is time gated, so dish out as much damage as quickly as possible.

The final portion has no mechanics, but Brakion will run aggressively at you. Save your super in case you are about to die as the combat in this portion is difficult.

Once Brakion is defeated, go to the HELM to claim your new exotic!

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