Destiny 2 Gear Guide (The Witch Queen, 2022)

How Gear Works in Destiny 2 (Witch Queen Expansion)

Hey everyone!

In today’s post, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about Destiny 2 gear and its level caps.

Everybody starts at 1350 gear level as of Witch Queen, and from there you can climb all the way to 1560.

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Destiny 2 Gear Overview

This is divided into several gear phases:

  • Soft Cap – 1500 Power Level
    • This is where you will be after the campaign most likely.
  • Powerful Gear cap – 1550 Power Level
    • The only way to get to 1550 is to get powerful rewards through various activities in the game.
  • Pinnacle Gear cap – 1560 Power Level
    • The only way to get to 1560 is to get Pinnacle gear rewards through specific activities, after you are already 1550.

Each season’s artifact can push you past the max item level by providing you a bonus to your item level based on how much experience you have acquired. goes beyond 1560, thanks to the seasonal artifact.

destiny gear 1

The cool thing about gear in Destiny is that you can infuse your gear with an item of a higher power level and level it up.

Like a gun and want to keep using it, but it is at 1450- infuse your next 1500 blue drop and use it! This costs upgrade modules, which are farmable and not too expensive, especially if you play regularly and have a season pass.

However, I don’t recommend being wasteful as gear that is not at the 1550 area will be quickly outstripped.

Getting to the 1500 Soft Cap

Just play the game! Gear will continue to drop at a higher level as you acquire higher level gear, until you reach 1500 in all slots.

Most people will finish the campaign close to 1500. If not feel free to do a few strikes, crucibles, public events, or even the seasonal event.

bounties and quests destiny

Getting to the 1550 Powerful Cap

After 1500, only rewards for specific activities will take you higher. It’s a little bit of a slog, especially if you are powering through. If you keep doing all the weekly and daily activities you will eventually hit 1550. E

ach powerful reward you get will be an item level or two above your current gear, and you will inch your way up.

These include:

  • Doing Strikes, Gambits, and/or Crucible will drop powerful rewards at the end of the match.
  • Completing eight Bounties for a vendor like the Gunsmith or Zavala
  • Season pass drops are all considered powerful rewards for item level so if you have a battle pass thats a lot of opportunities!
  • Third win in Trials of Osiris mode
  • Prime Engrams that drop at random
  • Exotic Engrams are considered powerful rewards as well and a great way to level you up.
  • Specific quest rewards will manifest as powerful item level rewards.

So to sum up, pick the activities you enjoy, play them, and do the bounties. These have other benefits besides just gearing you up (XP!) so if you do all of them, you will gear up fast.

Also remember that the Legendary campaign can start you off at 1520, which is a nice boost to powerful gear rewards if you want to take that on!

Getting to the 1560 Pinnacle Cap

Here is where it gets tricky. Only very specific activities can level you up here and most of them are challenging, but you can plan things out to max out how far you get with the Pinnacle rewards.

  • Weekly playlist challenges for certain activities, such as Crucible, Strike and Gambit. Hover over the activity to confirm its pinnacle gear.
  • Ranking up your Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit vendor rep
  • Being in a Clan and earning XP for the rewards from the Tower
  • Raid loot Drops (not out yet!)
  • Latest Mega Dungeon: Grasp of Avarice
  • Trials of Osiris (seven wins, flawless)
  • Nightfall: The Ordeal reward for scoring 100,000 points or more
  • Iron Banner Bounties (Timed PvP Event)

destiny gear 2

It’s important to keep in mind that going from 1550 to 1560 in every slot can take a long time, so don’t sweat it. It won’t significantly affect your ability to do late game content if a few pieces are not 1560. Most of the activities you do will also be progressing you in other ways- gaining XP and rep, etc..

One small trick you can do early on is trying to be efficient with your bounties and finish them before you finish the weekly playlist, so you can come back and get the shot at the pinnacle upgrade at the end of the week.

Closing Thoughts

TLDR- if you are min-maxing, get all the powerful rewards and then come back and get the pinnacle rewards at the end of the week while gearing. If you are not, just play what you enjoy and slowly gear up through the weekly rewards!

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