Season of the Wish – Dreaming City Weapons God Rolls (Destiny 2 Season 23)

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God Rolls for Reprised Dreaming City Weapons

The Dreaming City weapons from Foresaken are back with a new set of perks. Some of these weapons were fan favorites and have fallen off due to their outdated perks. Now with a new set of perks these weapons are definitely worth chasing. This article will go over the best rolls to look for when you are hunting these weapons in Season 23.

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The Dreaming City Weapons are:

  1. Tigerspite
  2. Waking Vigil
  3. Sleepless
  4. Vouchsafe
  5. Retold Tale
  6. Twilight Oath
  7. Abide the Return

#1 Tigerspite

tigerspite pvetigerspite pvp

[See Tigerspite rolls]



There are two routes to go with this weapon in PvE. For lower health enemies in content at your light level Subsistence and Frenzy is a fantastic roll. Frenzy gives 100 Reload Speed so you can feel free to take Extended Mag to maximize magazine size because the Reload Speed loss is nullified by Frenzy. This roll works for content at your light level because Subsistence will get maximum value and enemies die quicker. If it is in content above your light level try out Overflow and Kinetic Tremors. This roll is better suited for beefier enemies as Overflow will increase magazine size to reduce the need for reloading and Kinetic Tremors will supplement damage.


For stats try to maximize Range and Stability. For the perks look for Eye of the Storm in the final column which is a very consistent option for duels. Kill Clip is a viable option for 6v6 modes with more players. The 3rd column is best with Moving Target for the performance it gives and that it is always active. Fragile Focus is a potential alternative for a range boost to start off a fight.

#2 Waking Vigil

waking vigil pvewaking vigil pvp

[See Waking Vigil rolls]



Pretty straightforward here as the weapon now has Voltshot. Kill Clip is a potential alternative and even Collective Action for builds that utilize Ionic Traces. Rapid Hit or Outlaw are best suited for the 3rd column as it is best to have a reload boosting perk because Voltshot requires a reload to activate.


The final column is best set with Opening Shot. Damage perks don’t improve the time to kill. The 3rd column is good with Rapid Hit for the consistency of landing shots. Waking Vigil does lack range, so covering that up a bit with Rangefinder is a potential alternative. This perk isn’t as strong anymore since its nerf though. Then for stats try to maximize Range with Stability as the second priority.

#3 Sleepless

sleepless pve

[See Sleepless roll]



The 2nd and 4th perks only have one option. Use Impact Casing as it gives a slight damage boost on the impact damage of the rocket. Bipod is definitely the best option for the 4th column. Depending on how you like to DPS with a rocket the 3rd column can use Field Prep or Auto-Loading Holster. Use Field Prep to spam rockets and never swap off until you are out of ammo. Use Auto-Loading Holster when pairing the rocket with supplementary damage options like Izinagi’s Burden, Withhoard, a Fusion Rifle, etc.

#4 Vouchsafe

Vouchsafe pvevouchsafe pvp

[See Vouchsafe rolls]



There are a lot of great perks and options here. You can go for the all-void roll of Repulsor Brace and Destabilizing Rounds. There are good alternate options outside of this. Explosive Payload is a good consistent damage perk with no activation criteria. For the 3rd column, both Outlaw and Rapid Hit are good options for increased reload speed.


On the PvP side there is more or less one ideal option. Rapid Hit and Explosive Payload are the best for consistency in landing shots and for dealing increase flinch which is so strong in PvP. The stability from Rapid Hit increases your stability and reduces flinch while Explosive Payload increases your opponent’s flinch.

#5 Retold Tale

retold tale pveretold tale pvp

[See Retold Tale rolls]



The best perk on Shotguns for PvE is far and away One-Two Punch. Retold Tale has this making it a good thing to have in your arsenal. The best pairing for this is Slideshot for its auto-reload benefit. Lead from Gold is also a potential option for ammo. In the 2nd column, Assault Mag is highly recommended for the increase in fire rate to deal damage quicker.


There are two rolls you can go with this. The first is for very snappy handling and responsiveness. This is made possible with both Quickdraw and Snapshot. The max handling that Quickdraw gives opens up being able to use Rifled Barrel in the first column for the range boost and no worry of the handling penalty. Otherwise, Full Choke is always a good option. This roll allows you to quickly swap between the shotgun and a primary for a cleanup or to defend against an opponent rushing you down.

The other roll is for chaining together kills with Killing Wind and Slideshot. Killing Wind gives a boost to range and mobility allowing you to better close a gap. Meanwhile Slideshot not only improves range, but it also auto-loads a round picked up from the previous kill. This way you don’t have to worry about managing a reload in PvP where you only spawn in with 2 shots.

#6 Twilight Oath

twilight oath pvp

[See Twilight Oath roll]



This archetype of snipers is only for PvP. If you try to use it in PvE you’re going to have a bad time. The roll is very simple and it involves using Opening Shot for the accuracy and range boost it gives. A sniper aims for a one-shot kill, so this perk works perfectly as the “opening shot” that gets these stat boosts should be the only shot. The other perk is for Snapshot. This way you can ADS a little faster if needed. The stats that should be focused are for Handling for quick swapping after a body shot. Then Range for an accuracy boost and Stability to reduce flinch. Corkscrew Rifling is a good option because it boosts all 3 of these stats.

#7 Abide the Retrun

abide the return pve

[See Abide the Return roll]



Ultimately dealing single-target damage up close is what swords are best for. This sword has access to a great perk combo for that Whirlwind Blade and Relentless Strikes. Whirlwind Blade allows the sword to build up damage stacks while Relentless Strikes gives back ammo for successive hits. Base perks in the first two columns around impact and ammo capacity.

In conclusion

These weapons have good options for both PvE and PvP. They are unfortunately not craftable, so knowing the best rolls is very useful in knowing which weapon to keep or shard.

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