The 5 Best Season of the Witch Weapons to Chase (Destiny 2 Season 22)

Top 5 Weapons and God Rolls to Target for Season 22

Looking for the best weapons for Destiny Season 22? We’ve got you covered with the top 5 Season of the Witch weapons.

We hope this will be handy as Season of the Witch added over 30 new legendary weapons.

This guide covers the best weapons to get, the best rolls for those weapons, how to get them, and more.

To see all weapons and god rolls, head to our dedicated Destiny 2 site.

The top 5 Season of the Witch Weapons to target:

  1. Ignesou Hammer
  2. Cataphract GL3
  3. The Eremite
  4. Unending Tempest
  5. Warden’s Law

#1 Igneous Hammer

igneous pve compIgneous PvP comp

[See Igneous Hammer roll]

How to Acquire: This Hand Cannon will be obtainable from the Trials of Osiris.

The Roll


With the buff to hand cannons, they are much more desirable to run in PvE. Although this is a PvP weapon, it has access to good PvE perks as well. Frenzy is a top tier PvE perk as it gives both a damage boost and boosts the reload stat to 100. This opens up Appended Mag in the 2nd column for extra shots in the magazine and the -20 reload speed doesn’t matter as Frenzy brings it up to 100. Rapid Hit is the best option in the 3rd column due to the stat bonuses it gives and it gives a reload scalar, meaning it stacks with 100 reload speed. Heal Clip is an intriguing option in the third column, but there are so many sources of healing that this perk is by no means mandatory.


This is the area of the game this weapon is designed for. It sports great range that should be extended with the magazine and barrel perks. For the third column perk, Keep Away is a top tier perk, especially now that Rangefinder was nerfed. The fourth column can go either way with Opening shot or Eye of the Storm. For duels Eye of the Storm helps you consistently land shots an Opening Shot helps secure that first shot in a duel and is great for team shots where you only need to land one, maybe two shots which is why Opening Shot is slightly preferred over Eye of Storm.

#2 Cataphract GL3

cataphract pve comp

[See Cataphract GL3 roll]

How To Acquire: Once again… Trials of Osiris.

The Rolls


Gjallarhorn got stealth nerfed and provides less damage to legendary Rockets with the Pack Hunter perk as it was actually bugged. With that Rockets aren’t the de facto best damage option for every encounter. Now in smaller team settings like in dungeons, Grenade Launchers actually compete with Rockets. Convenient timing that a Bait and Switch Grenade Launcher just came out. The best roll for this weapon uses Bait and Switch for its 35% damage buff. This perk can be combined with a few options in the second column where you can’t really go wrong. Auto-Loading Holster is good to avoid reloading and going back to using the other weapons that activate Bait and Switch. Envious Assassin allows you to shoot more shots with Bait and Switch active. Field Prep is good for total damage and quicker reloads which will allow you to shoot the whole mag, reload, then shoot a few more shots with Bait and Switch active. The first column should prioritize the Handling stat for swapping quicker and the second column should have Spike Grenades for the slight damage increase on direct impact.

#3 The Eremite

the eremite pve comp

[See The Eremite roll]

How to Acquire: This weapon is available from the new Seasonal activity vendor table and is craftable.

The Roll


This has the makings for a great alternative damage option for PvE in the special slot as it has good perks and is craftable with enhanced perks. Controlled Burst should be used for the damage and fire rate increases.  The best option in the second column is Envious Assassin. The only downfall of the weapon is being forced into Envious Assassin (which is still a very good perk) as Auto-Loading Holster is not available on the weapon. A larger magazine is best to get more value out of Envious Assassin with Enhanced Battery which does not have any stat penalties. If you don’t plan to reload when using this, Ionized Battery is the better option as the magazine increase is larger at the expense of reload speed.

#4 Unending Tempest

unending tempest pveunending tempest pvp comp

[See Unending Tempest roll]

How to Acquire: This is a Crucible reward from Lord Shaxx.

The Roll:


There are a lot of perks here, but the weapon can be grinded for rather easily as it is available from Shaxx. Subsistence is a top tier perk to keep the magazine going. Frenzy is a fantastic damage perk to pair with it as it does not require a reload and has no time limit. With Frenzy, using Extended Mag is a good option as the reload speed of the weapon will be 100 regardless.


Both Rangefinder and Target Lock have been nerfed, but they are still options in the same column for this weapon. This weapon does have access to the great combo of Tap the Trigger and Dynamic Sway Reduction which will help with accuracy and stability throughout shooting the weapon. For magazine and barrels prioritize range.

#5 Warden’s Law

wardens law pve

[See Warden’s Law roll]

How to Acquire: This weapon is a nightfall-specific reward

The Roll:


This weapon is not released as of the writing of this, but with its prospective damage profile this weapon is shaping up to be a great pairing with Lucky Pants. Not only is it a hard hitting weapon, it also shoots a 2-shot burst which will build up Lucky Pants stacks quicker. With Vorpal Weapon it gets a 20% damage boost to bosses and Fourth Time’s the Charm will extend the magazine out to last the duration of the Lucky Pants buff.

Closing Thoughts

There are some solid options this season to chase and this list doesn’t include the hidden Crota’s End weapons. Be sure to check out the recommended rolls on those weapons because the past few raid weapon sets have had top-tier options across the board.

To see all weapons and god rolls, head to our dedicated Destiny 2 site.