Best LoR Budget Decks (Monuments of Power)

Best LoR Budget Decks (Monuments of Power)

Legends of Runeterra Budget Decks for Monuments of Power

This guide will feature three solid budget decks to climb with in any rank and even reach Master!

All three of the decks will contain only one champion (Elise and Ashe are already available in the starter decks), and one or two Epic cards at most.

If you’re looking for a strong meta deck that’s slightly above a budget deck in cost, we recommend the Discard Aggro list that was featured in Silverfuse’s article, 4 LoR Decks for Climbing to Master (Monuments of Power).

Miss Fortune Scouts

kuvira's budget mf scouts


[See Budget Miss Fortune Scouts deck details]

How It Works

This is a classic midrange Demacia deck with a splash of Bilgewater. It has Blinding Assault instead of War Chefs, and Sharpsight as the only new card from the new set.

Greathorn Companion is the replacement for Quinn and you will only have to craft Miss Fortune.

greathorn companion updated jpg

genevieve elmheart jpg

Genevieve Elmheart is the only Epic card in this deck that you can also replace with Cithria the Bold.

All you need to do is play your units on curve while managing your spell mana as efficiently as possible.

You win by making positive trades with your opponent’s board while keeping your own units as healthy as possible.

miss fortune level 1 jpg

Miss Fortune is the key card in this deck, protecting her with Ranger’s Resolve, Sharpsight and Riposte is what you should be aiming for.

Do not take unnecessary risks – for example, not attacking with MF herself is not a problem.

Lastly, do not be afraid to bank mana for Relentless Pursuit. Having 3 mana saved for the turn 6 Genevieve Elmheart + Relentless Pursuit combo is very strong.

How to Mulligan

Miss Fortune and Laurent Protege are always a keep in every matchup and look to always keep one copy of 1 mana and 2 mana costs units.

Only keep Grizzled Ranger if you have a good curve: Cithria of Cloudfield -> Blinding Assault -> Miss Fortune.

starting hand simulator mf scouts kuvira

Test your mulligan with the Starting Hand Simulator.

Keep Bannerman if you have 2 other low mana units like Brightsteel Protector + Cithria of Cloudfield.

Never keep Greathorn Companion or Genevieve Elmheart in your starting hand.

As for the spells, Riposte and Sharpsight are never a keep unless you’re facing another Scouts deck AND if you already have a great curve: 1 mana unit ->2 mana unit –> 3 mana unit.

Only keep Relentless Pursuit versus control decks like Warmothers and Trundle Asol.

relentless pursuit jpg

Ranger’s Resolve is the hardest card to mulligan. You generally want to keep it versus decks with a lot of removal like Swain/TF (due to Death’s Hand, Make it Rain and Warmothers (Withering Wail, Avalanche).

Spiders Aggro

budget spiders aggro kuvira


[See Budget Spiders Aggro deck details]

How It Works

Spiders Aggro is another classic aggro deck. If you like to finish games fast by destroying your opponent early, this is the deck for you.

With 12 one cost units and 13 two cost units, you are aiming to swarm the board early and overwhelm your opponent.

The high number of spider units in this deck: Precious Pet, Arachnoid Horror, House Spider, Frenzied Skitterer will allow the Elise level up to happen somewhat consistently.

elise level 1 jpg

Avoid blocking early to keep the board full for strong attack turns with Frenzied Skitterer and Crowd Favorite.

Stalking Shadows will help you refill your hand since you’re more likely going to empty it early.

stalking shadows jpg

The best units to get from Stalking Shadows are Frenzied Skitterer, Imperial Demolitionist, Stygian Onlooker, and sometimes Crowd Favorite if you have a full board.

Decimate and Noxian Fervor will allow you to finish your opponent when you can’t push damage with your units anymore.

noxian fervor jpg

Using Noxian Fervor reactively in response to spells like Grasp and Single Combat is best, you can also use it to deny Lifesteal from units like Radiant Guardian and Tasty Faefolk.

How to Mulligan

The mulligan with this deck is straightforward, first off, never keep spells and look to keep Elise, Legion Saboteur, Precious Pet, and Hapless Aristocrat.

kuvira budget spiders aggro

Test your mulligan with the Starting Hand Simulator.

Keep Stygian Onlooker if you have other 1 cost units in your hand and always keep Frenzied Skitterer if you have Elise or House Spider.

Crowd Favorite is a great keep if you have House Spider, Elise, or a good curve. Never keep Imperial Demolitionist and Arachnoid Sentry.

Ashe Nox

kuvira's budget ashe nox


[See Budget Ashe Nox deck details]

Ashe Noxus has always been a solid midrange deck and while this budget version does not include Sejuani, it still does very well versus meta decks like Lee Sin Targon and control decks.

However, keep in mind that the deck is weak against aggro decks like Discard Aggro and spiders.

Your main game plan is to take control of the board early with cards like Trapper and Icevale Archer plus Trifarian Gloryseeker until you buff your whole deck with Avarosan Hearthguard.

icevale archer jpg

trifarian gloryseeker jpg

You generate a lot of value by trading with big units on the board and protecting them with the combat tricks cards like Troll Chant, Flash Freeze, and Brittle Steel.

This deck never runs out of steam because of your multiple draw engines – for example, Avarosan Sentry will allow you to block damage and draw early while Babbling Bjerg pulls either Ashe or Avarosan Hearthguard from the deck.

Trifarian Assessor is the main draw engine after Avarosan Hearthguard’s buff playing her on a board with two or three 5 attack units will draw you 3-4 cards.

trifarian assessor jpg

Ashe is the key card of the deck. Her level up is generally how you close out games. You usually also use her in combination with Trifarian Gloryseeker to kill a unit without losing your Gloryseeker.

Make sure to have a spell to protect Ashe like Troll Chant or Flash Freeze when you attack with her.

ashe level 1jpg

This deck also has great removal tools. Frostbite cards like Icevale Archer + Culling Strike will allow you to remove any unit on your opponent’s board.

Reckoning is your wide board clear, using it with Flash Freeze, or later with Harsh Winds, will allow you to wipe the opponent’s board.

How to Mulligan

starting hand simulator kuvira

The mulligan with this deck is heavily matchup dependent:

  • Versus aggro
    • Keep Omen Hawk, Avarosan Sentry, Icevale Archer, Avarosan Trapper, Culling Strike.
    • Only keep Troll Chant and Brittle Steel if you have other low-cost units.
  • Versus midrange
    • Keep Omen Hawk, Avarosan Sentry, Avarosan Trapper, Ashe, Avarosan Hearthguard, Trifarian Gloryseeker.
  • Versus control
    • Keep Avarosan Hearthguard, Avarosan Trapper, Ashe, Babbling Bjerg.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask Kuvira during his streams. 

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