3 Off-Meta LoR Decks That Look Promising (Above 53% WR)

3 Off-Meta LoR Decks That Look Promising (Above 53% WR)

3 Off-Meta Empires of the Ascended Decks That Look Promising

Hey all, the Shurmia expansion has been out for a bit so I wanted to take a dive into the Mobalytics meta stats data and see if there were any sweet decks lying around.

The criteria for the decks here is that they have a higher than 53% win rate at all ranks and have a match sample size higher than 250 matches played.

These are off-meta decks so they are likely unrefined but potentially have promise if worked on.

1. Braum Vlad

Braum Vlad (LoR Deck)


[See Braum Vlad deck details]

Braum Vlad Scargrounds is a deck that’s been floating around for a while and it got some pretty big upgrades from the Shurima expansion.

Crimson Bloodletter and Ice Shards are super powerful cards for this archetype.

Bloodletter serves as a premium 1 drop for this deck that triggers all of your self-damaging effects and also is just a 1 mana 2|3 otherwise.

Crimson Bloodletter (LoR Card)

In general, it does a lot for this deck.

The other one and definitely more powerful is Ice Shard.

Ice Shard (LoR Card)

Ice Shard has been showing up a ton in various control decks in the game as a way of answering go wide aggressive boards and in this deck, it still does that, but it also triggers all of our self-damaging effects.

If I were refining this I would look to find a way to fit in Ember Maiden, Might, and Scarmother Vryna as a way of giving the deck a more reliable win condition.

This is what my  final version of this concept would end up looking like

Precipic's Braum Vlad (LoR Deck)

[See improved Braum Vlad deck details]

2. Draven Renekton

Draven Renekton (LoR Deck)


[See Draven Renekton deck details]

For the second deck, we are looking at a Draven Renekton deck looking to give the opponent a serious beatdown using Draven, Renekton, and various Vulnerable effects to wipe out their board every turn.

Draven Level 1 (LoR card)

I really like the curve of Rock Hopper into either Draven or Renekton here as a way of getting a free kill on pretty much any unit.

Rock Hopper (LoR Card)

This deck also looks like it’s able to level both of its champions fairly quickly with all the various strike effects.

Siphoning Strike is an interesting include as a way of providing a 1 sided removal on most boards.

Siphoning Strike (LoR reveal)

There are a couple of things I would do differently in this list.

I don’t love the Noxian Fervor here and really think this deck wants 3 copies of Exhaust.

noxian fervor jpgExhaust (LoR Card)

I also think this deck probably wants at least 1 copy of Rite of Negation to help it against the control matchups of the game.

This is what I would try initially if I was testing this deck.

Precipic's Draven Renekton (LoR Deck)


[See improved Draven Renekton deck details]

3. Kindred Endure

kindred endure (LoR Deck)


[See Kindred Endure deck details]

The last deck here is an update to a deck that I have a lot of affection for, They Who Endure.

they who endure jpg

It looks to go slightly more midrange with the addition of Fading Icon, Kindred, and Spirit Leech.

It also looks to play Mask Mother as an extra death trigger that also works on the Ephemeral Units you get from Stalking Shadows.

Mask Mother (LoR Card)

Mask Mother is also really sweet in this deck as a way to get your stallions out of range of the AoE removal in the game.

Using Mask Mother on your Spirit Leech or Fading Icon gets them out of Ice Shard or Avalanche Range.

Beyond this, the deck plays at the perfect speed for Kalista because it’s aggressive enough that the 4|3 fearsome statline is reasonable, and it’s slow enough that her level trigger can actually be pretty scary.

Kalista level 1 (LoR Card)

I really like the direction of this list and would test it exactly as listed.

Ok, that’s it for me today. Hope you enjoyed the article, see you next time.