K'Sante·Üst Kılavuz

Cesur YürekP
Ntofo DarbeleriQ
Koşar AdımE
Hodri MeydanR
Kazanma oranı47.3%
Pick rate4.2%
Ban rate1.7%
Maçlar51 412-
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K'Sante Güçlü ve Zayıf Yönleri

Your W is great versus burst because it reduces incoming damage.

K’Sante has a lot of CC and can lock down and layer CC on enemy champions.

Lots of trading potential with his Q and basic attacks. He can also run down enemies and kill them thanks to how much CC he has in his kit.


You can’t really push too much early. If you push post 6, you could find yourself Ulting the enemy into their tower, and you’ll have to retreat.

Ulting can screw you over in a lot of cases. Practice makes perfect, and map awareness will help this with though.

Wards can prevent you from flanking the enemy and catching enemies out of position. Against a good Support who places wards, it’s going to be a little hard.

Oyun planı
Erken oyun
0 - 15 dk
K'Sante'nin Ortalama

It is really important that you land those Qs early on. The cooldown is long early, and if you miss once, you wont be able to get the third stack and CC the enemy as the timer will run out.

Make sure you keep the minion wave a little closer early on. Post 6, you will not be able to engage if you’re pushing as you will not be tanky enough to dive the enemy.

As you have lots of CC tools in your kit, you can look to make plays with your Jungler. Freeze the wave near your tower so you can get ganks and all-in the enemy.

Orta oyun
15 - 25 dk
K'Sante'nin Ortalama

Roam around the map and look for picks with your Ultimate and use the amazing amount of CC you have to help your team get kills.

Peel for your carries in team fights. Soak up damage and let them dish out damage. You could also use your Ultimate to isolate and take away key damage dealers.

Remember to farm. You need to find a healthy balance between farming side lanes and team fighting with your team.

Geç oyun
25+ dk
K'Sante'nin Ortalama

Soak damage for your team in team fights. You will be extremely tanky at this stage of the game, so you can tank a lot of damage for your team.

Continue to look for picks with your Ultimate in the late game. Make sure you group with your team and try to take down key enemy targets.

You need to be grouped with your team in the late game. As the tank, the enemy will just engage on your team as they know you’re no where nearby and they have the numbers advantage.

Power Spike
Erken oyun0 - 15 dk

Your first power spike is at level 4 where you have 2 points in your Q.

The next power spike is when you’re level 6 as you have access to your Ultimate. Adjust your play during this stage of the game, and work on your wave management.

When you get your first component item, your damage output will increase and you’ll be able to trade more frequently with the enemy.

Orta oyun15 - 25 dk

At level 9, you will max out your Q. When it’s maxxed out, its damage and cooldown will be better, so you can use it more often to deal more damage to the enemy.

At level 11, you will put the 2nd point in your Ultimate it will help you get kills and picks with your team.

K’Sante is good in the mid-game as he is will be tankier and be good in team fights.

Geç oyun25+ dk

In the late game, you would’ve completed multiple items which makes you extremely tanky and hard to kill.

At level 16, you would’ve put the third and final point in your Ultimate. The extra cooldown reduction will help you get picks with your team.

As you have lots of CC in your kit, you are good in team fights. In the late game, you will be grouping with your team and looking for fights as 5, so you’re good at this stage too.

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