K'Sante·Üst Uzman Video Rehberi

Cesur YürekP
Ntofo DarbeleriQ
Koşar AdımE
Hodri MeydanR
Kazanma oranı47.3%
Pick rate4.2%
Ban rate1.7%
Maçlar50 873-
Get everything you need for K'Sante Üst build! The highest win rate K'Sante runes, items, skill order and summoner spells in patch 13.19.
K'Sante Üst
K'Sante Orman
K'Sante Orta
K'Sante Alt
K'Sante Destek

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Laning Phase
Team Fights
K'Sante expert guide

K'Sante Eşleştirmelere Genel Bakış

K'Sante Genel bilgileri

K'Sante ipucu ve püf noktası

Don’t constantly push during the laning phase. You will not be able to use your Ultimate when you’re constantly pushing, as you’ll throw yourself into the enemy's tower.

Post 6, beware of using your Ultimate. Check your surroundings and look for the enemy Jungler before going in with your Ult.

In the early laning phase, you can threaten an all-in with your 3rd Q stack to gain a significant health advantage over the enemy.

K'Sante combos

Every combo you need to master the champion!

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Profesyonellerin Tercihleri

Profesyonellerin Tercihleri

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New Champion: Briar

New Champion: Briar

New champion is already on PBE! Check out the latest meta Briar build now!

In-depth Build Stats

In-depth Build Stats

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