Vykas Gate 2 Boss Guide



In Phase 2, you will be fighting Vykas herself. Unlike Phase 1, the raid will not split up and will fight together.

There are two major wipe mechanics, but beware that many of the other mechanics are very high damage and can one-shot you easily if you aren’t paying attention.

When you're ready for Vykas Phase 3, head here!

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Cheat Sheet

Vykas guide cheat sheet

Key Mechanics

X120 Color Wing Test

What Happens

Vykas will teleport to the center and split into three clones, each with a different pose. Five spheres will appear in a cross formation in the center of the arena, when consumed a red or purple mark will appear on top of your head.

What to Do

Depending on the ratio of purple to red marks , everyone should move towards a specific clone, then move to the second and third. To determine which order, you need to check the number of wings open each clone has.

  • One clone has two wings open
  • One clone has one wing open
  • One clone has no wings open

Before you start the encounter, you must set positions for the five players who take the spheres in the middle, and the three players that go check the clones. One designated shot caller should be in the middle to see the marks and tell everyone where the safe spot is.


2 Purple 3 Red

In order, run to the clones with the following number of wings open: 2 –> 1–> 0

3 Purple 2 Red

In order, run to the clones with the following number of wings open: 0 –> 1–> 2

X75 Maze

Vykas teleports to the center and starts casting an spell that fills the arena with danger zones. A blood wall rotates around her, pushing all players, making it harder to stay safe. Note that she is vulnerable to damage during this phase.

Dodge the red areas and summon Niniveh if you can.

X65 Red/Black Orbs

What Happens

Vykas will teleport to the center, and summon three clones. Each clone will pulse five times. Each pulse will be one of two colors, either a black circle or red square.

What to Do

Players should be assigned to spread at out and memorize the pattern at their location. Shortly afterwards, each clone will start throwing five orbs in sequence towards Vykas in the center.

Players need to block the orbs that synced with the black pulses and let the orbs that lined up with the red square pass through to the boss.

Failure Conditions

  • Taking the correct orb will debuff you with a death mark.
  • If you take a second orb when marked it will kill you.
  • You can use Time Stop or Big Panacea if you need to take two orbs with a debuff.
  • If a player takes the wrong orb, they will die. Time Stop wont save you.
  • On Normal Mode, one black pulse orb can hit Vykas, but none can on Hard.

Optimal Strategy

In the image below, you can see the 8 players spread out in a 3-3-2 formation. Recognize that the exact positions aren't mandatory and someone may need to cover the 2 man zone if they get 3 pulses. Otherwise, if the players there are confident they can use Time Stop to take two orbs

X35 Maze with Cones

Same as the x75 Maze mechanic, but this time, some players may have a purple cone orb.

Go to the edge and deposit the purple cloud. Use a Time Stop if necessary to avoid heavy damage.

Random Notable Mechanics

Purple Donut

What Happens

Vykas will mark a player with a purple symbol, and then she will cast a purple donut that follows them. If any player touches this donut, it will explode immediately and kill everyone in its range.

What to Do

When you see the indicator, run away and let it follow the targeted player.

The targeted player should lure it away and wait to grab it buying time for teammates to run to a safe spot. If you can't be far away from that player, run into the safe spot with them when they trigger the explosion.

Laser Carousel

What Happens

Vykas teleports to the center and jumps back into an invulnerable state, tracking people with a laser beam that will fire in 5 seconds.

What to Do

All you need to do is keep away the laser beam away from your teammates while you also stay away from their laser beam.

If possible, you can assign positions for this and the direction to move (clockwise for example). If your team can react fast and pick any free position, you can skip the assignments.

Purple Darts

Vykas will throw some purple darts that move forward and return back to her. Then she will teleport and do it once again.

This is a high damage move. Step to her sides to avoid it.

Pulling Orbs

Vykas fires six orbs, three front and three back. She will pull in all players caught and perform a knock-up.

This is a high damage move. Step to her sides to avoid it

Electric Field

Vykas casts electric fields around her in a series of 4 pules.

Step outside for the first pulse, inside for the next two, and then outside again for the final pulse.

Cone Orbs

Random players will be marked with a purple orb and cone facing forward. This will detonate making a cone-shaped explosion and leaving an orb behind. This orb will continually fire projectiles that stun players.

Drop this off at the edge of the arena at all costs.

Also beware that the orbs explode after a few minutes.


Worms spawn from the ground around Vykas as she channels a spell. If any player is caught, they will be held up for a few seconds before the worms explode and one-shot the player, dealing massive damage to anyone around them.

Keep moving, and free players by killing the worm if you have help. Great place to use Nineveh to kill worms and Vykas.

Stun Rings

Vykas raises her hands and starts throwing many golden rings everywhere around her. If you get hit by one, you will get stunned followed by a delayed explosion.

Move far away and dodge rings. Use space immediately if caught.

Basic Attack Patterns

Ninja Slashes

Vykas slashes and go invisible three times.

Dodge and don't commit strong attacks.

Tornado Kick

Vykas staggers players in front of her with a tornado followed by a backflip kick to knock up everyone in front of her.

Move behind her and do damage.

Counter Patterns

Repeated Kicks

Vykas kicks repeatedly at players, throwing circles that stagger towards them.

Counter her when she flash kicks shortly after the projectiles are fired.

Dash Attack

Vykas moves a few steps back and turns blue preparing to dash forward. She will dash again with the same animation immediately afterwards.

Stay stacked, and if you miss the first counter, predict the second one easily.

Sidereal Usage


During the Vykas raid, you will have the help of the following 3 Sidereals

Nineveh (Ctrl+Z) Deals the highest damage

Wei (Ctrl+X) Deals an insane amount of stagger and some decent damage.

Innana (Ctrl+C) Creates a magic shield that grants immunity to stagger and knockbacks while partially absorbing damage. When the shield disappears, it will restore the HP of all the players who are in it.

Optimal Usage

Use Nineveh (Ctrl+Z) during long animation lockouts such as:

  • X75 and X35 Maze
  • Worms
  • Electric Field
  • Stun Rings