Achates Boss Guide



Achates Trial Guardian Raid is an equalized version of 920 item level Guardian Raid Achates. Scale of Harmony is applied during Trial Guardian Raid which means you have to prepare your full-build ahead of time in the Book of Coordination. It is a raid that requires cooperation and coordination from all 4 players to prevent Achates from enraging.

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Recommended battle items

Key Mechanics


What Happens?

Achates breath and fire attacks apply a stacking debuff called Scorch. The debuff reduces healing received and deals damage over time.

On a 4th stack of the debuff player gets surrounded by a flame circle which deals damage to nearby players and applies Scorch debuff.

What to Do?

Simply move away from the teammates if you get the flaming circle. Try not to heal unless you have to.


The Statues mechanic is the only mechanic in the raid and has 3 different variants. The mechanic starts either after 20% damage has been dealt or after a certain amount of time.

What Happens?

Achates becomes invincible and teleports to the center of the area. While fighting him stay close to the center or simply start running to the center after he becomes invincible. Once he's in the center he is covered by a big shield that will show one of the three colors; yellow, blue or green, while also spawning 1,2 or 4 statues.


What to Do?

Once Achates is in the center pay attention to the color on the shield, while also destroying the statues. Statues will drop yellow, green and blue stones which players need to pick up and throw onto the shield that corresponds to the same color.

To destroy the shield players must throw 4 stones of the same color. After throwing the first 2 stones the shield color will change and a new set of statues will respawn at different locations. Destroy statues and throw the 2 stones that correspond to the shield color.

After the shield is broken, Achates wings become exposed and need to be destroyed by using battle items and skills that do Weak Point aka Destruction. One player throws corrosive bomb while 3 other players throw destruction bombs and use all of their weak point skills. Failure to either break the shield or wings will enrage Achates which will make him faster and stronger while adding few new sets of patterns.



4 Statue Variant

What Happens?

After Achates teleports to the center he spawns 4 statues around him. Look at the minimap to see their location.

What to Do?

In this variant players need to spread out, destroy statues and throw the corresponding stone that matches the color of the shield. Beware that throwing the wrong stone will send out a shockwave that deals damage and knocks players down.

Shield color changes after the first 2 successful stones and statues respawn. After breaking his shield use weak point battle items and skills to destroy his exposed wings.

2 Statue Variant

What Happens?

After Achates teleports to the center he spawn 2 statues. Look at the minimap to see their location. In this variant 1 player needs to go alone to one statue while the other 3 stay at the 2nd statue.

What to Do?

The solo player destroys the statue, picks up a stone that matches the shield color, and throws it while quickly going back to where other 2 stones are trying to pick up the next one. If you are lucky, the next shield color might match the stone in your hand.

The other 3 players destroy their statue and each player picks up their stone. The player with a matching stone throws his stone first, while the other 2 wait for shield color to change, then simply whoever is holding the matching stone throws it next, while the other 2 destroy the new statue for the last stone that will break his shield.

After breaking his shield use weak point battle items and skills to destroy his exposed wings.

1 Statue Variant

What Happens?

After Achates teleports to the center he spawns 1 statue. Look at the minimap to see its location. In this variant destroying the statue drops 5 stones, where 2 of them will always match the color of the shield.

What to Do?

2 preassigned players will pick up those 2 stones that match the color of the shield, while other 2 pick up each opposite color, so 1 yellow stone and 1 green stone if the shield color is blue. These 2 players with different colored stones are protectors and they need to stand in front of 2 players that carry matching stones.

The reason for that is that Achates shoots out orbs towards players that have a different color then the shield color. If these orbs hit a player they will cancel the stone, deal damage and knock the player down. To prevent this protectors need to stand in front the 2 players carrying matching stones as they negate all the effects of being hit.

After throwing 2 stones, the shield color changes and the statue respawns at different location. Repeat the same process of destroying the statues, protecting and throwing the stones that match the shield color. After breaking his shield use weak point battle items and skills to destroy his exposed wings.

Random Notable Patterns

Power Up

After around 1 minute into the fight Achates stands still and starts channeling energy into his wings. During the channel he is exposed and you are free to do damage. After he finishes channeling he is able to use wing related attacks.


What Happens?

Achates marks 2 players with the curse. Above each player's head there will be either a blue icon or a red icon.

What to Do?

To lift the curse both players need to stand on top of each other for a few seconds. Failing to remove the curse after a few seconds will result in a blue icon disappearing while red icon means constant bleed damage which eventually leads to slow death.

Enrage Roar

What Happens?

This only happens while Achates is enraged. He will roar in frequent intervals and add a stacking attack power debuff that is visible on each player's debuff bar.

What to Do?

To remove the debuff players need to stagger/incapacitate the boss. This will remove the debuff and return Achates to a normal state.

Enrage: Annihalation

What Happens?

Achates start gathering energy and pulling everyone towards him while spawning random energy orbs that block you. This move only happens in an enraged state.

What to Do?

Run away from the boss. After channeling is finished, Achates unleashes a devastating attack that will one shot anyone close to the center. If you hit any of the random energy orbs it will block and delay you.

Basic Attack Patterns

Scorch Circle

What Happens?

Random player gets targeted by a light circle that slowly closes in on the player. After it closes it drops a flame field that deals damage and applies scorch debuff.

What to Do?

Move away from the team and as the light ring is about to close, spacebar away to avoid taking damage and getting scorch debuff.

Light Pizza

Light pizza

What Happens

Achates fires around him a yellow pizza shaped pattern 2 times in a row.

What to Do?

Between each pizza there is a cone shaped safe spot. If you can’t react fast enough to stand in the safe spot, use a spacebar or any movement skills to dash away.

Fire Breath

Achates has 3 different fire breath variations.


Achates breathe fire towards a player at the front. If hit, it applies scorch debuff. Dodge either to the left or to the right side of where he is facing.


Achates breathe fire in front of him, but also moves backwards. Don’t stand in front or behind the boss and dodge to the sides.


Achates breathe fire in front of him, but from right side to the left side in a straight line. Safe spot on his sides or behind him.

Light Explosion

What Happens?

Achates summons two or three waves of light circles that explode. They are either summoned around the boss or they target a player.

What to Do?

If light circles are summoned around the boss, a safe spot is standing close to the boss. If light circles target a random player, that player needs to be ready to dodge away from the team after a second wave of explosions.


What Happens?

Achates slams the ground causing cross shaped patterns below him and around him. After a short delay he slams again causing patterns to explode. In an enraged mode, Achates slams multiple times while turning around.

What to Do?

Don’t stand in the pattern as they explode dealing damage and knocking players down. React quickly to reposition or use a spacebar to dodge away from the boss.

Wing Attack

What Happens?

Achates flies up and flaps his wings dealing damage and knocking everyone down below him. After hitting the ground he may rotate around and do another wing attack. While enraged he does a full spin and flaps his wings multiple times.

What to Do?

Safe spot is in front, behind or dashing away from the boss completely.


Flying Charge

What Happens?

Achates flies towards a player and knocks everyone down on his path. Normally he will land, but if he disappears it's a sign that a second attack is coming targeting the same player.

What to Do?

The second attack is hard to dodge, but the best way is to wait for 2 seconds after he disappeared and then use your movement skills to dodge away.

Legs Swing

What Happens?

Achates does a double swing with his front legs. First with the right leg then follow up with the left one.

What to Do?

Safe spot is behind him or on his side

Counter Patterns

Basic Counter

There is only one counterable pattern. Achates doesn’t do anything before so it is hard to predict. You need fast reaction time as he just turns blue. Failure to counter means he will slap his wings in the direction he is looking, knocking everyone away and summoning 3 tornadoes in a cone that also knock players away.