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Xerath·Mid Counters

Mana SurgeP
Eye of DestructionW
Shocking OrbE
Rite of the ArcaneR
Win rate52.4%
Pick rate3.3%
Ban rate4.6%
Matches28 118-
Xerath Mid has a 52.4% win rate and 3.3% pick rate in Emerald + and is currently ranked B tier. Based on our analysis of 28 118 matches, the best counters for Xerath Mid are Talon, Irelia, Akshan, Diana and Swain. On the other hand, Xerath Mid counters Corki, Vel'Koz, Ryze, Kassadin and Aurelion Sol.
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Xerath matchups

Mid Mid  Patch 14.10

Xerath counter tips

General advice on how to play against Xerath
These champs are weak against Xerath at most phases of the game. They’re listed based on their win rate against Xerath.
Laning Against Xerath

Laning Against Xerath

Xerath has very reliable wave clear and push thanks to his low cooldown abilities and kit. Avoid taking unnecessary damage by standing outside of the minion wave when he uses his abilities.

Look to trade with Xerath when his Eye of DestructionW or Shocking OrbE is on cooldown. When he doesn’t have either of these abilities, he is incredibly vulnerable. Mix this with his low mobility- he is easy pickings for any would-be aggressor.

Avoid roaming if Xerath is in lane as he can push the lane very quickly while you’re gone. Look to roam when he’s either dead or in base.

Strategy VS Xerath

Strategy VS Xerath

Flanking Xerath might be the best way to handle him in team fights. Try to attack from the sides and take him down quickly so he is unable to dish out damage.

Do not let Xerath poke you down before a team fight occurs. Xerath’s goal is to delay a team fight for as long as possible while he pokes with his ArcanopulseQ and Eye of DestructionW. Don’t let him do this by engaging as soon as you can.

Do not go for objectives when Xerath is nearby. He can poke you down at the Dragon or Baron, and stop you from sieging his Towers. Taking objectives like Dragon, Baron and Towers will be easier when Xerath is nowhere nearby.

Xerath Power Spikes

Xerath Power Spikes

Xerath’s early game poke can be really hard to deal with in lane. Be prepared to take extra sustain so you are not forced to recall early on.

Once Xerath is level 6 and unlocks his Ultimate Rite of the ArcaneR, he will have a lot of poke and extra damage. Do not over stay in lane post 6 as he might be able to snipe you.

When Xerath has his Luden’s Echo, it will drastically increase his poke and pushing power. Avoid staying in the minion wave so he is unable to poke and push at the same time.