Twisted Fate·Mid Counters

Loaded DiceP
Wild CardsQ
Pick a CardW
Stacked DeckE
Win rate49.8%
Pick rate4.2%
Ban rate4.4%
Matches78 867-
Twisted Fate Mid has a 49.8% win rate and 4.2% pick rate in Emerald + and is currently ranked A tier. Based on our analysis of 78 867 matches, the best counters for Twisted Fate Mid are Neeko, Galio, Brand, Vex and Zoe. On the other hand, Twisted Fate Mid counters Azir, Ryze, Akali, Malphite and Lissandra.
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Mid Mid  Patch 14.12

Twisted Fate counter tips

General advice on how to play against Twisted Fate
These champs are weak against Twisted Fate at most phases of the game. They’re listed based on their win rate against Twisted Fate.
Laning Against Twisted Fate

Laning Against Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate will look for picks with his Ultimate DestinyR during the mid-game. Avoid splitting too far apart to reduce his ability to get picks.

As Destiny DestinyR gives him a lot of map pressure, expect him to be split pushing in the mid-game. While you could fight with the numbers advantage, make sure you keep an eye on him so you can disengage if he makes his way to the fight.

Twisted Fate will look to poke as much as possible before initiating. Do not allow him to poke by engaging as soon as you spot him.

Strategy VS Twisted Fate

Strategy VS Twisted Fate

Once Twisted Fate has his components for his first item, he will be able to push pretty easily with his Wild CardsQ and Pick a CardW. Stand outside of the minion wave so he is unable to push and poke you at the same time.

Whenever Twisted Fate’s Pick a CardW is on cooldown, you should look to abuse him and go for a trade. If he picks a Blue Card, you could go in for a trade. Avoid trading when he has Gold Card primed.

At level 6, Twisted Fate’s kill pressure doesn’t increase, but his ability to roam does. Make sure you ping as soon as he goes missing and try to match his wave clear so he is unable to push you into your tower.

Twisted Fate Power Spikes

Twisted Fate Power Spikes

Twisted Fate’s level 6 is important for him. While it doesn’t increase his kill pressure in lane, his ability to roam and help his allies dramatically increases. To make it harder for him to roam, keep him pushed in.

Twisted Fate is really weak in the first few levels and also when he is overextended. Try to abuse him as much as possible in the early game.

Once Twisted Fate has his first item, he is going to deal a lot of burst damage if you’re hit by one of his Cards Pick a CardW.