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Starlight's TouchQ
Cosmic RadianceR
Win rate50.2%-
Pick rate0.1%-
Ban rate0.3%-
Matches1 406-
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Taric Strengths & Weaknesses

His Ultimate Cosmic RadianceR can stop the enemy in their tracks during a team fight. It is very versatile and can keep his allies alive for longer and completely mitigate damage.

Taric’s BastionW provides his carry with bonus resistances which can be really beneficial in the long run due to carries generally not buying defensive items, especially in lower elos.

Has an insane amount of cheese potential thanks to his DazzleE. He can go into the enemies jungle, surprise them and then take them down.


Taric is a utility champion who empowers his allies. If his team is behind, it will be hard for him to do much in the fight.

His DazzleE is very telegraphed and can be dodged easily if the enemy sees you using it. It makes it hard for Taric to be an initiator in team fights without committing his Flash.

Taric’s generally run out of mana incredibly quickly. Keep an eye on your mana bar when you’re without your blue buff.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Taric is Average

You will need a hard leash early on else you will be running around the map without any mana. It would be preferred if you go for the Blue Buff first in this game.

Once you hit level 3, you should be good to go and can start ganking. Overextended enemies should be your prime target and use your BastionW and DazzleE to CC and kill enemies.

Once you get your Ultimate Cosmic RadianceR, you should be all good to focus on one lane and one carry. It is up to you if you want that carry to have your camps but don't fall too behind on CS.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Taric is Average

Your job will be just like a Support during this phase of the game. Stay near your carries and participate in each and every team fight that happens on the map.

Using your Ultimate Cosmic RadianceR during neutral objective fights will be the difference between a won and a loss fight. A good time to use it will be before a major Smite fight.

During team fights, make sure that you stick with your backline at all times. The only time you may go ahead is when you're trying to use your DazzleE.

Late game
25+ min
Taric is Strong

If the enemy is grouping, look to group with your team too. In team fights, continue to focus on the squishiest and easiest to kill high-priority targets in the backline. Your Ultimate Cosmic RadianceR will help you a lot with that.

In the late game, look for picks on immobile or mispositioned enemies. Taking someone down in the late game can give you enough time to force a fight, siege an objective or take the Baron or Elder Dragon.

Protect your allies with your life in this matchup. Make sure that you use your Ultimate Cosmic RadianceR at the proper time or it may very well cost you the game.

Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Taric’s first major power spike is when he hits level 6. He can look for aggressive plays such as dives or risky skirmishes when he has his Ultimate Cosmic RadianceR up.

Taric can look for disgustingly aggressive plays if he invades, camps in bushes and tries to abuse the enemy Jungler.

When he purchases his first component item, Taric’s aggression and overall tanky stacks will improve heavily. Expect him to go for more aggressive plays when he has picked up this item.

Mid game15 - 25 min

Taric will have his Starlight's TouchQ maxed at level 9. This means that he will heal up a lot during a fight as long as he has enough mana to constantly use the ability.

At level 11, Taric will have two points in his Ultimate Cosmic RadianceR. This means that he can use the ability frequently, which will make him quite powerful in team fights.

At level thirteen, Taric will have two of his abilities maxed out. This means that he will excel in team fights and will be successfully peeling for his carry.

Late game25+ min

Once Taric gets 3 points in his Ultimate Cosmic RadianceR, he will have a really easy time fighting with enemies. The brief period of invulnerability can easily win Taric's team the game.

Taric is quite decent in team fights. This is mainly because of his Ultimate Cosmic RadianceR, which allows him to defend high-priority targets while the enemy team takes damage.

Taric is also quite tanky during this phase of the game because he will have many items now. This will make him an effective peeler for his ADC and his team.

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