Nidalee·Jungle Guide

Javelin Toss / TakedownQ
Bushwhack / PounceW
Primal Surge / SwipeE
Aspect Of The CougarR
Win rate50.9%
Pick rate12.8%
Ban rate18.6%
Matches8 085-
Nidalee Jungle has a 50.9% win rate and 12.8% pick rate in eloName and is currently ranked S tier. Below, you will find a very detailed guide for Nidalee Jungle, where we explain strengths and weaknesses of the champion, powerspikes, and game plans for each stage of the game. Step up your game with our Nidalee Jungle guide!
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Nidalee Strengths & Weaknesses

Nidalee is really good at counter jungling and stealing camps away from the enemy Jungler. This allows her to get ahead while putting the enemy behind.

Has good objective control. This enables her to secure the Dragon with ease. She can also take the Rift Herald alone and fast!

Nidalee is a strong skirmisher and duelist. This makes her a pain to deal with for the enemy. As long as she can dodge CC (or wait for the enemy to use a key ability first) and land her Javelin Toss / TakedownQ, she should win most 1v1s.


Nidalee needs to get ahead in the early game to be useful in the later parts of the game. If she isn’t able to snowball, her mid-game is going to falter.

Has an incredibly high skill cap. She is one of the hardest Junglers to learn thanks to her Javelin Toss / TakedownQ, unique combos thanks to her Aspect Of The CougarR, and the constant need to kite jungle camps.

While Nidalee is incredibly mobile, she is prone to CC. If they get caught out by any CC, they will probably die.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Nidalee is Strong

Your goal in the early game is to gank as often as possible to get your allies ahead. You are a strong early game Jungler, so make sure you try to exploit your early advantage.

Look to secure objectives as often as possible. This will give your team an advantage as the game goes along.

Find a healthy balance between ganking your allies, farming your jungle and securing objectives. Make sure you do not fall behind in XP by trying to constantly gank.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Nidalee is Strong

Continue to pick up and secure jungle camps whenever possible. Not falling behind in the mid-game is crucial as a Jungler, so make sure you continue to farm!

When no team fights are occurring, go to a side lane and push. It’s important that you continue to farm during the mid-game so you can get your items as quickly as possible.

After getting a kill, make the call for Baron or Dragon if your team is nearby and able to help you. Securing these objectives as a Jungler is crucial is in the mid-game.

Late game
25+ min
Nidalee is Weak

Peel for your carries in late game team fights to increase the chances of your team winning the fight. If they die at the beginning, you will not be able to win the fight alone.

Stick with your team in the late game. Do not split up or walk away from them otherwise the enemy may try to pick you off or initiate a 4v5 fight when you’re away from your team.

Focus the nearest enemy champion to your carries and work as a team to take down the enemy one by one. If you focus the backline alone, you may be an easy target for the enemy and may die quickly. By focusing on the nearest champion, you will survive for longer and keep your carries alive.

Jungle pathing
Early Game
Early Game
Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

She is pretty intense during the early game as her clears are pretty quick. She can burst enemies and duel them quite efficiently early on.

Unlike other champions, level six isn't a massive spike as it doesn't provide her with a lot. On the other hand, her early game power is due to the Ultimate Aspect Of The CougarR transformation.

The first item component will allow her to duel enemies more easily. It will also let her use her abilities quite frequently.

Mid game15 - 25 min

Another point in her Ultimate Aspect Of The CougarR won't provide her with a huge spike. It will give her some bonus stats but nothing too special.

Her Javelin Toss / TakedownQ will be maxed out at level 9. This ability will hit like a truck now, but she will have to land it properly.

Nidalee is extremely good in team fights. Her ability to dish out a lot of burst damage and pick off enemies with her Javelin Toss / TakedownQ will make it hard for the enemy to fight well.

Late game25+ min

Level 16 won't be a massive spike for Nidalee due to it not providing a lot of stats. It will still help her take over the game due to the increased stats.

She can pretty much one-shot enemies during this phase of the game. Any squishy who is not careful will get chunked out from the fog of war.

She will fall off if the enemy team is filled with tanks. This is because she won't burst enemies down and will only act as a heal bot.

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