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Staggering BlowP
Dredge LineQ
Titan's WrathW
Depth ChargeR
Win rate49.9%
Pick rate12.5%
Ban rate16.7%
Matches198 466-
Nautilus Support has a 49.9% win rate and 12.5% pick rate in Emerald + and is currently ranked A tier. Based on our analysis of 198 466 matches, the best counters for Nautilus Support are Rell, Taric, Leona, Braum and Alistar. On the other hand, Nautilus Support counters Ashe, LeBlanc, Hwei, Yuumi and Karma.
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Support Support  Patch 14.12

Nautilus counter tips

General advice on how to play against Nautilus
These champs are strong against Nautilus at most phases of the game. They’re listed based on their win rate against Nautilus.
Laning Against Nautilus

Laning Against Nautilus

In lane, always make sure there’s a minion between you and him at all times to make it really difficult for him to land his Dredge LineQ.

When playing as a ranged champion, try and abuse your auto attack range to poke him down and gain a health lead. Do not over-commit to poking though.

If you’re playing as a utility Support, try taking Relic Shield instead of Spelltheif’s Edge to make the laning phase safer.

Strategy VS Nautilus

Strategy VS Nautilus

Avoid fighting or staying close to your teammates (bundled together). As Nautilus’s Depth ChargeR can knock players up who come into contact with it, if you’re close to the focused ally you might get hit too.

Nautilus will often be the frontliner for his team. Once he has gone in, try to focus him down if his teammates do not follow him in. Naut struggles getting out again once going in- so if he makes a mistake, abuse it

Nautilus will auto attack anybody who comes close to him in attempts to CC them with his Passive. Try and stay away and out of range during team fights if you’re squishy.

Nautilus Power Spikes

Nautilus Power Spikes

Nautilus is strong at levels 1-3 and can play aggressive and look for kills with his Dredge LineQ. Ensure you’re always behind a minion whenever his Dredge LineQ is up to reduce his ability to kill you in lane.

As soon as Nautilus hits level 6 and unlocks his Ultimate Depth ChargeR, his kill pressure will increase again and he can lock you down as soon as you overextend. Play less aggressive when his Ultimate Depth ChargeR is up.

Nautilus spikes once he has Mobility Boots as it will help him roam really easily. Ping as soon as he goes missing so your allies know he’s missing.