Nasus·Runes for Top

Soul EaterP
Siphoning StrikeQ
Spirit FireE
Fury of the SandsR
Win rate51.0%
Pick rate4.9%
Ban rate3.2%
Matches86 948-
Nasus Top has a 51.0% win rate with 4.9% pick rate in Emerald + and is currently ranked B tier. Based on our analysis of 86 948 matches in Patch 14.12 the best runes for Nasus Top are keyStone, rune_1, rune_2, and rune_3 for primary tree, as well as secondary_rune_1 and secondary_rune_2 for secondary tree. The most optimal rune shards are offenseRuneShard, flexRuneShard, and defenceRuneShard.
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Stacks Siphoning StrikeQ mean a lot for Nasus, but surviving the laning phase is more important. Be prepared to give up a few stacks Siphoning StrikeQ in order to keep your health bar topped up.

As Nasus isn’t very strong in the early game, try and avoid fighting. If you get killed early on or blow Flash, you’ll be vulnerable and will fall behind.

Nasus is a late-game monster and should look to split push during the mid and late game. But, if your team needs you in team fights, be prepared to group and help your team.

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