Kindred·Runes for Jungle

Mark of the KindredP
Dance of ArrowsQ
Wolf's FrenzyW
Mounting DreadE
Lamb's RespiteR
Win rate52.2%
Pick rate3.3%
Ban rate3.3%
Matches1 037-
Kindred Jungle has a 52.2% win rate with 3.3% pick rate in eloName and is currently ranked A tier. Based on our analysis of 1 037 matches in Patch patch the best runes for Kindred Jungle are keyStone, rune_1, rune_2, and rune_3 for primary tree, as well as secondary_rune_1 and secondary_rune_2 for secondary tree. The most optimal rune shards are offenseRuneShard, flexRuneShard, and defenceRuneShard.
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Kindred tips and tricks

Despite marks being super important, do not tunnel vision on them where you put yourself in bad situations to get them.

Kindred can solo objectives pretty easily. Make sure you have priority in nearby lanes before attempting to take it alone.

It’s better to use your Ultimate Lamb's RespiteR preemptively rather than not at all. Use it just before you or your allies are at threat of dying.

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Every combo you need to master the champion!

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