Kai'Sa·Bot Counters

Second SkinP
Icathian RainQ
Void SeekerW
Killer InstinctR
Win rate51.6%
Pick rate35.2%
Ban rate17.2%
Matches29 524-
Kai'Sa Bot has a 51.6% win rate and 35.2% pick rate in Emerald + and is currently ranked S tier. Based on our analysis of 29 524 matches, the best counters for Kai'Sa Bot are Nilah, Kog'Maw, Sivir, Ashe and Jinx. On the other hand, Kai'Sa Bot counters Varus, Kalista, Tristana, Twitch and Vayne.
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Bot Bot  Patch 14.14

Kai'Sa counter tips

General advice on how to play against Kai'Sa
These champs are strong against Kai'Sa at most phases of the game. They’re listed based on their win rate against Kai'Sa.
Laning Against Kai'Sa

Laning Against Kai'Sa

Do not 1v1 Kai’Sa if you’re alone as her Icathian RainQ will focus you. Fighting near minions will be helpful as they will block some of her damage.

Extended trades work in the favour of Kai’Sa thanks to her Passive. Try and keep trades short so she is unable to activate her Passive on you.

When recalling, especially when low, make sure you keep an eye on your champion as Kai’Sa may try to finish you off with her Void SeekerW. Do not shop until you’ve successfully recalled to ensure maximum safety.

Strategy VS Kai'Sa

Strategy VS Kai'Sa

Kai’Sa is vulnerable to CC. Try and lock her down at the start of the fight so she is unable to dish out tons of damage.

Keep in mind that Kai’Sa can use her Ultimate Killer InstinctR to reposition in a team fight. She may be able to dodge CC or skill-shots this way and turn the exchange around.

Kai’Sa will get buffed up by her Support in a team fight. Try to take down her Support first so she is left rather defenceless.

Kai'Sa Power Spikes

Kai'Sa Power Spikes

Once Kai’Sa has her upgraded Icathian RainQ, her damage output will be incredibly strong. Do not disrespect her damage output once she has it upgrades, and avoid fighting her in a 1v1 as she will always beat you.

When Kai’Sa has multiple upgrades, she will be very difficult to fight against.

At level 6, Kai’Sa gains extra utility thanks to her Ultimate Killer InstinctR. Make sure you watch the map when recalling so she is unable to snipe you with her Void SeekerW and follow up with her Ultimate Killer InstinctR.