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Jayce· Guide

Hextech CapacitorP
To the Skies! / Shock BlastQ
Lightning Field / Hyper ChargeW
Thundering Blow / Acceleration GateE
Mercury Cannon / Mercury HammerR
Win rate48.5%
Pick rate4.0%
Ban rate2.4%
Matches75 926-
Jayce roleName has a 48.5% win rate and 4.0% pick rate in eloName and is currently ranked B tier. Below, you will find a very detailed guide for Jayce roleName, where we explain strengths and weaknesses of the champion, powerspikes, and game plans for each stage of the game. Step up your game with our Jayce roleName guide!
Jayce Top
Jayce Jungle
Jayce Mid
Jayce Bot
Jayce Support
Jayce guides are coming soon
Our experts are hard at work creating Jayce guides. Please check back soon!