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Z-Drive ResonanceP
Parallel ConvergenceW
Phase DiveE
Win rate51.2%
Pick rate2.5%
Ban rate1.8%
Matches66 917-
Ekko Mid has a 51.2% win rate and 2.5% pick rate in Emerald + and is currently ranked A tier. Based on our analysis of 66 917 matches, the best counters for Ekko Mid are Anivia, Cassiopeia, Kassadin, Sylas and Galio. On the other hand, Ekko Mid counters Corki, Malzahar, Syndra, Xerath and Azir.
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Mid Mid  Patch 14.7

Ekko counter tips

General advice on how to play against Ekko
These champs are strong against Ekko at most phases of the game. They’re listed based on their win rate against Ekko.
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Laning Against Ekko

Laning Against Ekko

Ekkos main source of damage comes from his Passive. Avoid letting him stack his Passive by dodging his TimewinderQ and standing outside his Phase DiveE range.

Ekko will look to set up a Parallel ConvergenceW stun by walking out of vision. Be cautious of this and wait a few seconds after he appears again before trading with him.

Ekko will look to constantly push the wave with his TimewinderQ. Punish him whenever he uses it for waveclear by engaging in trades.

Strategy VS Ekko

Strategy VS Ekko

Locking down Ekko in team fights will prevent him from using his Ultimate ChronobreakR to escape with. Keep track of his Ultimate ChronobreakR in fights as he can use it to either set up an escape or engage.

Keep vision in typical flanking spots as Ekko will try to set up an engage with his Parallel ConvergenceW from out of vision. If you see him running towards you, back up for a few seconds as he would have used his Parallel ConvergenceW.

When no team fights are occurring, Ekko will be looking to split push. Avoid leaving him alone in a side lane by making sure there is always someone matching him.

Ekko Power Spikes

Ekko Power Spikes

When Ekko hits level 9, his waveclear drastically increases. At this point in time, he will look to go collect CS from side lanes and split push. Send someone to match him in the side lane to prevent him from farming for free and taking turrets.

Once Ekko hits level 6, his kill pressure increases and he will look to go for kills. Respect his all in potential when his Ultimate ChronobreakR is up as he will use it to escape after a kill.

Ekkos biggest power spike is at two items (Protobelt and Lichbane). When he completes these items, he will become a one-shotting machine. Ensure there is vision around the map and do not walk in un-warded areas when you’re unsure where Ekko is.