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Molten ShieldE
Summon: TibbersR
Win rate49.8%
Pick rate0.4%
Ban rate0.7%
Matches10 945-
Annie Support has a 49.8% win rate and 0.4% pick rate in Emerald + and is currently ranked B tier. Based on our analysis of 10 945 matches, the best counters for Annie Support are Pantheon, Zilean, Rakan, Bard and Soraka. On the other hand, Annie Support counters Karma, Hwei, Morgana, Seraphine and Zac.
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Support Support  Patch 14.7

Annie counter tips

General advice on how to play against Annie
These champs are strong against Annie at most phases of the game. They’re listed based on their win rate against Annie.
Laning Against Annie

Laning Against Annie

Whenever Annie has her stun available, you need to respect her and play slightly safer. If you’re melee, stand back and wait for her to consume it before walking forward. Post level 6, respect Tibbers Summon: TibbersR and her stun.

Pay attention to the number of stacks on her Passive. You can trade with Annie before she gets 2 stacks without the fear of getting stunned.

Annie is prone to poke even though her Molten ShieldE offers her some protection in trades. Try to poke her down with your abilities before committing to the all-in.

Strategy VS Annie

Strategy VS Annie

Items like Banshee’s Veil, Guardian’s Angle, QSS or Zhonya’s Hourglass are great against Annie as they protect you from her burst damage. If she gets ahead, make sure you invest in one of them.

In team fights, do not group too closely together as Tibbers Summon: TibbersR is an AOE ability that can stun multiple members of your team if you’re grouped near one another. Stand close, but not super close that she can CC your whole team.

Annie’s lack of mobility and defensive stats make it hard for her to fight. Try to delay team fights as long as you can while you poke her down. If she is low, engaging or using her DisintegrateQ or TIbbers Summon: TibbersR aggressively will be very dangerous for her.

Annie Power Spikes

Annie Power Spikes

Annie’s greatest power spike is when she hits level 6 and unlocks her Ultimate Summon: TibbersR. Respect her damage output once Tibbers Summon: TibbersR is primed and ready.

Annie is clearly stronger when her stun is ready, and when she has 3 stacks on her Passive. Whenever she has her stun ready, you need to respect her damage output and her ability to trade with you.

Annie is strong during the mid-game and in team fights (if she can get a multi-person stun). If possible, do not walk around the map alone and without your team. Stick to warded areas and try to stay away from her at all times.