Rest's Vexlock



Rest's Vexlock
Rest's Vexlock

Solar Warlock build for PvE by RestAssured











Class Item



Vex MythoclastExotic Fusion Rifle

Does massive damage when taking advantage of your artifact perks. Can convert to a linear fusion that does insane damage to champions.


Mantle of Battle HarmonyExotic Chest Armor

Getting kills with while your super is charged grants x4 weapon surged based on your subclass equipped. If your super isn’t full, getting kills will grant extra super energy.

How it Works

The goal of this build is to focus heavily on buffing your weapon damage, so that’s all you have to use.

The weapon of choice for this is going to be Vex Mythoclast. This weapon has solar damage, so it can take advantage of the crazy artifact perks this season, alongside its ability to turn into a linear fusion rifle. It can do this by getting kills granting it stacks and at max it can transform to do massive damage to champions. If you have the catalyst getting kills will also grant extra damage to the weapon as well.

Getting kills also plays heavily into your exotic armor Mantle Of Battle Harmony. With this, every kill will grant extra super energy and when you have your super getting a kill will grant x4 solar surge for extra weapon damage. Since we are running well of radiance, we won’t use our super too much so you will always be taking advantage of the extra damage with the surge mods.

Getting kills will also have the ability to grant radiant with the artifact perk flint striker. All three of these damage increases will stack and let Vex do massive damage, especially in its linear fusion form. Other artifact perks that help are rays of precision so getting a precision kill while radiant will cause an ignition. This helps out a lot with ad clear. Kindling trigger will also let your Vex apply scorch while radiant which is going to help out with our subclass.

With the fragment ember of singeing when you scorch an enemy your phoenix dive gets an increased cooldown. With ember of searing when you defeat a scorched target, you are granted melee energy and make a firesprite. Collecting that firesprite will grant healing grenade energy. With all of these, you are going to be able to spam all your abilities whenever you need them.

Other things in our subclass are icarus dash just for some more movement and touch of flame so we can buff our healing grenade. It will now grant x2 restoration and with ember of empyrean, you can keep that restoration and your radiant up on every solar kill. Finally ember of ashes will apply more scorch to everything in the build for more damage and easier ignitions.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Get kills with Vex Mythoclast to grant stacks to the weapon, extra super energy, and radiant
  2. While your super is full get a kill for more damage from Mantle Of Battle Harmony, Vex’s catalyst, and radiant
  3. Consume the stacks to turn Vex into a linear fusion rifle
  4. Use this mode on champions to instantly kill them
  5. Pick up all orbs and firesprites for maximum cooldown for your abilities
  6. Apply scorch to further increase your cooldowns
  7. Using healing grenade or phoniex dive to keep yourself alive