Class Item

Stats Priority


JötunnExotic Fusion Rifle

With the Catalyst of Incandescent this is a Perfect choice for end game Content because it hits hard and guarantees kills, which is needed to spread Scorch with Dawn Chorus


Dawn ChorusExotic Helmet

Your Daybreak projectiles deal more damage and scorch targets on impact. Your scorch is improved and you gain a small amount of melee energy when your scorch damages a target.

How it Works

The Scorching Dawn Build is all about applying an Insane amount of Scorch Damage and pairing that with the Exotic Helmet Dawn Chorus! This increases Burn damage by 3X the normal amount and also gives Melee energy back when you Burn targets. Having an infinite melee is a big deal because it will feed all abilities and apply scorch and proc Ignitions over and over!

With Ember of Benevolence get that 400% increase ability regen all the time. This essentially gives infinite abilities and a crazy amount of scorch damage to top it all off! Make sure you take Weapons that will apply scorch damage. You could even use Polaris Lance or Skyburners Oath if you really wanted too. But if you want something to hit hard in Grandmaster level content then Jotunn is a great choice as well. It guarantees kills and will spread the Burn damage around the battlefield!

Gameplay Loop
  1. Throw your Fusion Grenade first to apply damage and Scorch
  2. Use your melee to gain Radiant and apply Scorch for an Instant Ignition!
  3. Use your Healing Rift if needed for Survivability
  4. As soon as your grenade is back, repeat the cycle.
  5. Use all your scorching weapons with the radiant bonus and surge bonus for big burn damage with Dawn Chorus to feed our melee ability! Use all 3 abilities at the start because we get our melee back so fast with Dawn Chorus. With the mods on your arms, our melee will feed both our grenade and class ability!
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