Mactics' Super Spam Arclock



Mactics' Super Spam Arclock
Mactics' Super Spam Arclock

Arc Warlock build for PvE by Mactics











Class Item

Stats Priority


ColdheartExotic Trace Rifle

This Trace Rifle is another potential source of Ionic Traces to feed your abilities.


Geomag StabilizersExotic Leg Armor

These exotic boots give super energy when collecting Ionic Traces. This pairs perfectly with the Arc Warlock that can create them endlessly.

Not only will these help get your super very fast, but they extend the duration of the super and allows you to cancel your super to get 30% charge towards your next super.

How it Works

This build is all about generating and reaping the benefits from Ionic Traces. Ionic Traces are created from any Arc ability kill or when killing a Blinded or Jolted enemy with the Electrostatic Mind Aspect. The fragment Spark of Ions stacks with Electrostatic Mind and will create a second Ionic Trace on a Jolted enemy kill. Getting a kill on Jolted enemies is much easier with Spark of Shock which makes your grenade Jolt enemies.

The other Aspect used, Arc Soul, also counts as an Arc ability and will create Ionic Traces. The final means of creating Ionic Traces are with weapons; Spark of Discharge gives a chance to create an Ionic Trace from an Arc weapon kill. Using one of the recommended exotics, Coldheart or Delicate Tomb, can create Ionic Traces on their own.

The benefits Ionic Traces are what makes this build able to spam abilities and supers endlessly. They give 12.5% grenade and melee energy as well as 15% towards Rift energy. With Geomag Stabilizers collecting Ionic Traces will also give super energy. These boots have the added benefit of increasing Chaos Reach's duration and allows you to cancel the super to start with 30% energy towards your next super. The other benefit from collecting Ionic Traces is that you become Amplified. Not only will being Amplified increase your movement, handling, and damage resistance when sprinting, it will supercharge your Arc Soul will shoot a burst of 5 shots instead of 3.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Utilize Pulse Grenade to Jolt targets
  2. Defeat enemies with arc abilities to create Ionic Traces
  3. Cast Rift to generate an Arc Soul for you and your allies
  4. Collect Ionic Traces to become Amplified and gain ability energy, gain Chaos Reach energy, and overcharge Arc Soul
  5. Cast Chaos Reach when available
  6. Cancel Chaos Reach if there are no more enemies to gain 30% charge towards your next super
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