FreakisFire's IMPYRE Solar Titan



FreakisFire's IMPYRE Solar Titan
FreakisFire's IMPYRE Solar Titan

Solar Titan build for PvE by FreakisFire











Class Item


Stats Priority


RiptideLegendary Fusion Rifle

One of the top special weapons in the kinetic slot of PVE content mainly for its ability to role the perk Chill Clip - which can slow and eventually freeze targets, taking care of both Overload and Unstoppable Champions.


Pyrogale GauntletsExotic Gauntlets

What was once just an exotic equipped only for its buffs to the super, the Pyrogale Gauntlets are now the primary catalyst to this build!

This exotic transforms your Burning Maul super into a one-off, VERY high damage slam that leaves flaming cyclones in its wake!

The Consecration Solar Titan aspect also leaves a flaming cyclone in its wake!

How it Works

The IMPYRE Solar Titan build revolves around creating as much fire and explosions as humanly possible!

  • Defeating a target with your sidearm creates fire and explosions due to Incandescent
  • Your charged melee creates fire and explosions
  • Dragon's Breath creates fire and explosions
  • Your super DEFINITELY creates fire and explosions!

Aside from burning the entire battlefield, this build excels and keeping you Radiant and under the effects of Restoration with the fragments Ember of Empyrean and Ember of Torches.

Ember of Ashes increases the amount of scorch stacks you apply to targets from all sources (this includes scorch stacks applies from Incandescent of your sidearm and stacks applies by Dragon's Breath!) - allowing from even more Ignitions to occur!

And Ember of Searing allows your more charged melee uptime while also creating a Firesprite that grants grenade energy!

Lastly, this build can stun all Champions this season!

Anti Barrier - stunned via Piercing Sidearms Artifact Mod and Radiant buffs

Overload - stunned via Chill Chip rounds from the top half of Riptide's magazine

Unstoppable - stunned via ignition from Consecration, Dragon's Breath, or three rounds hit from Riptide with Chill Clip!

Gameplay Loop

For Groups of Rank-and-File (Red Bar) Enemies:

  • Charge towards them, slide, activate your charged melee ability. You will then leap into the air, thrusting a scorching wave forward. Activate your charged melee while airborne to slam the ground - creating a larger wave of damaging solar energy. Enemies hit by both waves ignite!

Using the Heliocentric QSC is also a very good add-clearing weapon - especially if it is rolled with Incandescent!

For Boss Damage: Open up either your Throwing Hammer and Consecration on the boss to proc Revitalizing Blast, then shoot your Dragon's Breath. Follow up with shooting the boss with your Riptide fusion rifle until the Dragon's Breath is reloaded again. Rinse and repeat. Mixing in your super with warrant MASSIVE boss damage!

For Champions: 1) Stun Champion 2) Activate Throwing Hammer or Consecration to proc Revitalizing Blast 3) Either shoot Dragon's Breath or Riptide until defeated