Midnight Thunder

Midnight Thunder
Midnight Thunder

Void Titan build for PvE











Class Item

Stats Priority


Gunnora's AxeLegendary Shotgun

A nice to have, this shotgun of the Arc element that'll benefit from the Arc Surge mods and No Backup Plans damage buffs. Recommended perks are Auto-Loading Holster and Vorpal Weapon.

Having a slug shotgun serves as a backup plan for DPS when out of Acrius ammo, despite the exotic armor implying this build doesn't have a backup plan.


No Backup PlansExotic Gauntlets

With an Overshield active, shotguns receive a 35% damage buff and refresh the Overshield on shotgun kills. It also gives a slight boost to shotgun reload speed, helping DPS even more.

How it Works

This is a very easy to use DPS build that utilizes the whopping 35% damage buff that No Backup Plans gives to shotguns when you have an Overshield. To acquire an Overshield cast Barricade, stand in Ward of Dawn, hit an enemy with Shield Throw, or get multiple shotgun kills with melee energy available. From there any shotgun kill will refresh the Overshield.

The main weapon of the build is Legend of Acrius which hits like a truck with damage bonuses from Surge mods and No Backup Plans. Slug Shotguns are an optional addition to the build as well if you are comfortable with hot swapping them. The mods serve to increase the handling and reload speed of Legend of Acrius to improve its usability.

The rest of the fragments serve to boost the neutral game, improves ease of use, and allows you to weaken targets for a 15% damage boost. Scatter Grenades weaken targets with Echo of Undermining which is used for high health targets before using a shotgun. Echo of Starvation grants Devour on Orb of Power pickup. Lastly Echo of Persistence increases the duration of Overshields and Devour, making it much easier to upkeep the great offensive and defensive benefits these provide.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Activate Barricade for an Overshield
  2. If boss has low mobility and protection is needed, cast Ward of Dawn
  3. Throw Scatter Grenade to weaken boss
  4. Use Legend of Acrius and/or Slug Shotguns for DPS
  5. Refresh Overshield by stepping back into the Barricade or using Shield Throw